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Invitation to YES

Here is an invitation for the month to explore. I will share it through story. (I think everyone is super FULL during December and this is a fun, light little thing that is actually incredibly powerful and I think will lighten the energy, at least it has for me.)

My 9 year old asked for a YES DAY recently. A Yes day is a day that I have to say YES to everything (within reason of course). I said I couldn't do a YES DAY because I was busy trying to get all of my work done before the holidays so I could take some time off. He looked so sad.......and perked up when I said How about a Yes-Mas?! Which is something we just created on the spot and I think will continue each year and I'll tell you why.........

With Yes-Mas my son gets to request one thing each day.......and I can't say no to it. Again, there are ground rules has to be reasonable.....he tried a trip to Disneyland just for kicks and of course, that fell outside the ground rules.

His first request was "Can I have one early Christmas present?" Yes, I said! The look in his eyes when he realized that had answered yes to that incredible request, was one of complete joy and surprise! He got to open a Pokemon drawing book, which of course, he set to work on immediately....which of course counts as art for homeschooling (I'm clever like that!).

The next day he asked "Can I have ice cream for breakfast?!" Yes, I said! Again that look of absolute joy was there.....along with this emerging empowerment. This was interesting. So ice cream for breakfast it was....followed up by avocado toast and an egg, because you know......we can't just have ice cream, but in his experience he had ice cream for breakfast!

The next day he asked me to play Toy Story Monopoly. which is my most hated game next to Sorry (because I think it's absolutely ridiculous to train kids to say Sorry when they dont mean sorry..........i have a LOT of strong feelings about this....i hit that kid? Did you mean to? probably did. And you probably arent sorry about it you may just be sorry that you got caught........i see it as forced compassion and forced fake much better to be blunt and direct and honest, which will carry you much further in life than apologizing for something you meant to do........and Ill stop that tendril before it gets too twisty and winding.). AND I said YES! So we played Toy Story Monopoly, for like 2 whole hours......and we laughed joked and had a truly fantastic time.

About this time, I started to feels really good to say yes. My default is NO...or NOT NOT...or LATEr....or MAYBE...........and to say YES, and then observe how something like Toy Story Monopoly which I dread, became something completely different because it wasn't about the game itself, it was about the YES, and the joy, which I was starting to feel too!

The next day he asked me to play a video game. I hate video games. I said YES! We had fun.

The next day he asked me to take him to the gaming store in Machias where they play D&D and Magic and Pokemon. I did. We drove a ways to get there. Stopped and got cinnamon buns and had a great time. He took his own money and bought himself cards which he picked out. And we got to learn about D&D groups that we will probably join in the near future.

The best thing about YES Mas so far, has been watching my son feel empowered with the question he asked being honored with a YES. He was getting to make what he feels are some pretty big choices. AND then there is what it has done for me. I have really gotten to feel how wonderful it is to say YES.....and all of the tendrils that have come off of it, which I am still processing. It has been a great experience.

So here is the invitation for you.........

EVERY DAY......say YES to one thing you normally wouldnt. It might involve someone else, or maybe it's just for you. A cup of hot cocoa at 2pm in the afternoon? YES! GO sit by that tree for an hour instead of doing the laundry? YES! Eat french fries for dinner one night? YES! Whatever it thing a day....see how it changes things for you. (And if one thing a day is too much to a week....but pick a specific day of the week and honor it each week for a month.....I think the daily thing with a small step is best, but do what works for you. Find some way to invite more YES into your life and then let me know how it goes!

Many blessings and Many YESSES to you!

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