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An Exercise around Trauma Essence

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

I do not like to get into the habit of sharing others exercises or processes on my own platform, as it just feels a bit odd to me. And sometimes there are some that flow into my life that I think "WOW! That is really powerful!" and rather than try and shift it to put it into my own framework, sometimes it's best to let it be as it is and to give that credit.

So that is what I am choosing to do here.

This is from Stephen Buhner's book, Becoming Vegetalista. It's not his process either. It is the process of the novelist, John Gardner. It is something he shared with his students and now I am sharing it with you. This sharing does invite your participation, so please share if you are so willing. Sometimes our words can help others along their journey.,

Here is the process......

Describe a barn as seen by a man whose son has. just been killed in a war. Do not mention the son, or war, or death. Do not mention the man who does the seeing..........if done well, the result should be a powerful and disturbing image, a faithful description of some apparently real bard but one from which the reader gets a sense of the father's emotion; through exactly what the emotion is he may not be ale to pin down.

If you choose, please share your process in the comments below this post or feel free to share with me via email to

Thank you for your courageous willingness.

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