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Flower Essence Therapy

$150 each session

Flower Essence Sessions are currently offered through distance sessions.  

Flower Essence Sessions begin with a conversation between Jennifer and her potential client. If it is determined that an FE Session may be suitable, Jennifer and her guest will proceed to the next step.

A date and time are scheduled.  At the appointed time, there will be a 15 - 30 minute zoom chat where the client presents their current situation to Jennifer and she can reflect back questions and gather more information.

After this brief chat, the client is asked to lay down for approximately 30 minutes. Jennifer will conduct a scan through the client's etheric field, select flower essences through divination process, and conduct a PET session.  When the session is complete, the client will receive a text from Jennifer notifying them that the session is complete.  Within 24 hours, the client will receive an email with information about the session essences. 

For most people one flower essence session a month is recommended.  For some that fit into certain categories, weekly or biweekly sessions may be recommended.

It is important to keep in mind that this is an exploratory process.  Information that Jennifer may pick up is not a medical diagnosis and flower essence sessions are not medical procedures or treatments.  Flower Essences should not replace medical care.   Furthermore, what comes through in a session comes through because that is what the flower essences and Jennifer are called to help support the guest with in this moment.  It should not be assumed that there are not other things that may be going on that do not show themselves during the session.  

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