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Alchemy for the People is project that provides education and skills under the belief that access to information and education in the holistic arts should be accessible and available to all.  The strength of this work grows when it is allowed to expand through connection.  

In the spirit of truly fostering wisdom and creating a shift in the trajectory of the world, ALL paid tiers will now have access to the Parlor Blog & Archives,  The Auditoria Classroom & Archives, The 10 Minute Alchemy Courses, and  group distance flower essence sessions.

Please select the highest tier you are comfortable with and know that your contribution is valued and matters and incredible amount. It helps to keep the lights on, to feed the family, to pay for the internet through which this information comes, and also helps to provide services and care to those that may be struggling financially. It takes more than a takes a connection amongst kin in community participating in a better tomorrow. Thank you for your support and for that which you bring to the world. It matters.

The Parlor is a vast informational blog filled with education on a wide array of subject matter.

The Auditoria is the video classroom with instructional, educational, and experiential classes and workshops.  

The Repository is a subscription service which contains monthly gifts and exclusive access to recipes and formulations.

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Exclusive Patron Blog

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Video Classroom

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Subscription with Extras

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