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Consultation Work

$120 each consultation paid monthly

A 3 or 6 month Partnership is required

Consultations are currently offered distantly and occur via Zoom.  

Consultation work may fall into the realms of Herbalism, Flower Essence Therapy, or both.

Consultation Work begins with a  conversation.  There is no session work involved.

A date and time are scheduled.  At the appointed time, there will be a 30-60 minute zoom chat where the client presents their current situation to Jennifer and she can reflect back questions and gather more information.  Jennifer will then determine which pathway is most suitable.

If it is determined that the most suitable pathway is in the realm of herbalism, Jennifer will discuss possible herbal supports with the client, educating, and gathering any information that may be needed.  The client will receive a post session report (usually within 48 hours) with discussed suggestions, including referrals to obtain any recommendations and guidance for working with recommendations.  The client is not obligated to follow any of the recommendations, but to have them to serve as a guide to help make the choices that feel best.  

No herbal products are dispensed or included.  

If it is determined that flower essences may be supportive, Jennifer will conduct a scan through the client's etheric field, select flower essences through divination process.  A personal blend will be created for the client to work with on their own.  There is no session work involved.  Usually within 48 hours, the client will receive an email with information about their scan and essence blend and the blend will be shipped out. 

Jennifer only accepts Consultation Work clients who commit to a Partnership, which consists of a minimum of 3 or 6 months  (6 months is recommended).  Consultations are typically scheduled every 4 weeks (give or take) during the contractual period.  Stand alone consultations are not openly offered, but may be considered in special circumstances or offered to past clientele.  

A 5% discount is offered when a 3 month commitment is paid in full before the first session.

A 10% discount is offered when a 6 month commitment is paid in full before the first session

It is important to keep in mind that this is an exploratory process.  Information that Jennifer may pick up is not a medical diagnosis and flower essence sessions are not medical procedures or treatments.  Flower Essences should not replace medical care.   Furthermore, what comes through in a session comes through because that is what the flower essences and Jennifer are called to help support the guest with in this moment.  It should not be assumed that there are not other things that may be going on that do not show themselves during the session.  

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