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Flower Essence Therapy

Flower Essences are the energetic signature of plants, minerals, and nature energy imprinted in water and fixed with brandy.  Flower Essences do not contain any of the actual plant, mineral, or animal in them.  They are simply the energetic signature of the plant, mineral, animal, or location.  

How do Flower Essences work?

Flower Essences remove the restrictions in our fields, which are attached to all aspects of self - physical, mental, emotional spiritual, energetic - to create flow.  When restrictions are removed the things that were being restricted will come to the surface for us to work with.  This could present in a very physical or emotional away or may occur more subtly with different things shifting across various fields.  

Another way to look at flower essences is that they change the vibration.  The soul has a very high vibration.  Flower Essences have a very high vibration. Dis-ease has a low vibration.  A body that is compromised will have a low vibration.  When the high vibration of flower essences shift the vibration of the body to a h higher one, the environment is no longer hospitable to things that thrive in a lower vibration environment. 

What can be expected from using flower essences?

Everyone's experiences are different and unique to them and they can include a myriad of experiences. Sometimes people feel profoundly relaxed and calm.  Other times, memories and deep emotions are brought to the surface.  Sometimes the body will respond in physical ways with twitches and fleeting pains.  Some people see colors, visuals, and are even visited by spirits that are imprinted along with the essences.  Sometimes people feel things right away and notice shifts and changes.  Other times the shifts and changes will occur over the days and weeks following the essence experience, such as increased creativity, awareness, wellness, etc.  

What does a Flower Essence Session look or feel like?

Both in person and distance Flower Essence Sessions begin with a conversation where the client briefly shares about their current state.  Next a scan of the etheric field takes place and information is gathered.  This is followed by an intuitive chosen selection of essences for use during and/or following the session.  At an in person session, the client would lay, fully clothed, on a massage table for approximately 20 minutes while the session takes place.  During a distance session, the client is asked to lay or sit in a comfortable place where they can be undisturbed for approximately 20 minutes.  

During this 20 minutes, Jennifer helps to facilitate the movement of flower essences through the client's etheric field.  

Are distance sessions as effective as in person sessions?

From a practitioner perspective, distance sessions are as effective, if not more effective than in person sessions.  Often distance sessions allow for greater clarity in perceiving through the etheric field.

Are Flower Essences safe?

Flower Essences are very safe.  They have no direct side effects.  

How many Flower Essence Sessions are recommended?

The number of sessions that are recommended will differ for each client, based on what they are working on.  It is generally recommended that clients plan on committing to 3 sessions, more if they are dealing with certain issues that are impacting their lives.

It is important to understand that Jennifer May is not a medical provider.  She is an alchemist.  She does not diagnose, treat, or cure any dis-ease or ailment.  Her work is for educational and entertainment purposes only and should not replace medical advice or care.  

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