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Sadness can feel heavy. It can make your heart hurt and tears come out of your eyes. Sometimes sadness is so bit that it can feel very scary. It is important to let yourself feel sadness, that way it can flow out and doesn't get stuck somewhere inside.

Where in your body do you feel sadness?

Does it feel heavy or light?

Is it hard or soft?

What color is it? Where else in your body is that color?

What texture is it? Does it make a sound? Does it have a taste?

What does your sadness need?

Ask it. Listen. Offer it. Receive it.

Maybe your sadness needs a hug. Maybe it needs a cup of tea. Maybe it needs a nap. Maybe your sadness needs the color purple, or yellow, or aquamarine.

Maybe it needs the smell of lavender or roses.

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Thank you for clarifying these emotions and providing a way to deal with them

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