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About Jenifer's Work Style

My style of work is unique and often quite different from most people's perceptive on wellness and healing. I believe that the path towards creating a healthier person, is in creating a new balance, which includes ALL aspects of self.  This means that the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and energetic bodies must all come into agreement and alignment to create true and lasting change.  I work in a style that honors  the natural rhythms of the body to help guide it, and sometimes give it a little nudge, towards the new balance we wish to create.  I have found this to be both a gentler and more potent approach that addresses the whole of our experience and the reality of being human.  Each person's path is unique and the supports each person will need along their unique path will be unique to them.  My work is helping to support each individual along their journey in a way that helps them to experience the full spectrum of what it is to be human, with greater ease, wellness, and well being.

Lyme & Co Work

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