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Jennifer's Work with Lyme & Co.

The way I work with clients with Lyme & Co and other chronic conditions is unique.  It is often surprising to folks that I do not practice "germ kill" methods when working with these conditions.  My approach is one of symbiosis, connection, and working together with the microbes and the body (and really all of what it is to be human) to move towards a balance of greater wellness and well being.  


Lyme & all chronic conditions are not things in and of themselves, but rather patterns that are deeply rooted in imprints, usually from early childhood. I work with clients to bring clarity to their patterns, to discover their triggers, and to connect the emotional imprints to their physical experiences, so that new choices can be made, changes result, and a new desirable balance is created.


My work with Lyme & Co clients is most effective over a designated period of time.  I typically recommend 6 months, which may be sufficient, although many clients choose to continue for another 6 months after the first partnership period has completed.  


I work with two primary modalities that come together in a partnership that brings wonderful support - Flower Essences and Restorative, Nourishing Herbalism.  I also work with a form of intuitive energy medicine called Presence in Healing, which is at the core of my work.  Together, these three modalities make up the holistic art of Eclectic Alchemy.  


The short explanation of Flower Essence Work for Lyme & Co is that a healthy human has a high and clear vibration.  Dis-ease has a low and murky vibration.  Flower Essences help to clear restrictions  in the etheric field so that the overall vibration is raised and the landscape is no longer hospitable to microbes.  


Restorative, Nourishing Herbalism is a style of working with plants in harmony with the natural rhythms of the body.  Plant medicine can bring us back to our natural rhythms by restoring wellness to the body’s tissues and functions and to nourish and support what the body is always working towards, which is wellness.  


Energy medicine is an art that is at the core of all of my work.  It provides me the means to “see”, “hear”, and “feel” what is going on in the body, the etheric field, and through time to gather more information other than what is directly presented and obvious.  It allows me to gather information directly from microbes and to get a better picture of what may be going on with regards to their assemblage and impacts on the energetics of the body.  


Just as each person is unique, how Lyme & Co present in the body will be unique as well.  There is no set approach that works for everyone.  

With that said, there is a general structure that seems to be relatively consistent across clientele.  


Initially the goal is to support clients in physically feeling better.  Supports of flower essences and nourishing plants are utilized.  During this time, there is a strong focus on bringing clarity to patterns.  Through this work, we aim to better understand patterns and triggers.  The intention is to bring clarity to the flare cycles, bring greater space in between the flare cycles, and move the flare cycles to shorter frequency, duration, and intensity.  While the time period for this can fluctuate from client to client, generally this stage of the work occurs during the first 3 to 6 months.


When the physical body is less reactive and has found some sort of homeostasis, the focus moves more towards emotions, trauma imprints, and shifting patterns on a foundational level.  Support for the physical body continues with flower essences and nourishing plants.  The essences will usually expand to include those for emotional, spiritual, and trauma work.  Over time both dramatic and subtle changes will occur.  


I walk this journey together with my clients supporting them through the tunnel that Lyme & Co presents.  They emerge with greater awareness and greater wellness and well being.  

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