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As I begin to re-emerge from this strange and liminal space that covid has held me in, I will be sharing things that I have learned. Some of these things will be in the realm of health care, herbal medicine, and general wellness supports. Others will be about the things which are not as freely spoken of except amongst certain company. These are the messages, the lessons, the subtle nuances of the bigger picture which are plain as day to those who notice subtle patterns and read temporal lines. These are the things that are irrational and illogical only in so far as when they try and fit into the reality that we have deemed real and valid and just and true, but which is an autopsied version of all that is.

For some, things might get a little weird, which is certainly subjective. For those that the world deems the "weird" with their brilliantly raw neurodivergence are often the most sane and the closest of kin. And....they are the ones that threaten to cast ripples into illusions of half truths and barely theres, haphazardly stitching this whole shebang together.

Time is irrelevant and we ran out of it a long time ago. Nothing matters except for all of everything and how you spend the ticks and the tocks within the scale of sunrise to sunset and everything in between. It all matters.

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