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Percolation Worksheet

Percolation Worksheet
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An easy to follow worksheet on the Percolation Method of Extraction. This was adapted from a worksheet created by Haven Herbs. You can find more detailed information on the Percolation Method of Extraction in The Herbal Medicine Makers Handbook by James Green.

Percolation is a wonderful way to create tinctures in about 24 hours (sometimes a bit less). You will need a Percolation Cone, which you can purchase from independent sellers, or create your own (there are some helpful videos out there that describe the process of percolation cone making). You will also need either a good herb grinder or powdered herb. I prefer to buy the whole herb and grind it myself. You will need a half gallon size mason jar, coffee filters, a packing tool (a glass boston round bottle works well for this) and your alcohol of choice (vodka), water, and glycerin OR vinegar if doing an herb that is best extracted with vinegar. You will also want to have a rubber band so that you can secure a second coffee filter over the top of the percolation cone, so you can be sure nothing falls into it during the percolation process.

Percolation is usually done in a 1:5 extract. This means that you use 1 oz of plant material and 5 oz of menstruum. This should render back 5 oz of extract.

The Percolation Document is used to help you calculate the amount of liquid the herb will absorb. This is measured by the volume of powdered herb.

Before you do the actual Percolation, the herb will need to be prepared. This involves powdering and a saturation process of about 2/3 of your total herb prior to packing the percolation cone. This process helps to break down the bonds between the cells before pouring the menstruum over it.

Percolation doesn't work well with all herbs. Herbs that are very mucilaginous thicken the menstruum and do not work well. Leaves and Flowers work beautifully.


Drawing Room Patrons can enjoy an instructional video that will be uploaded shortly demonstrating the Percolation Extraction Method. If you are not a Drawing Room Patron, you can change your tier within your Patreon account.

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