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Meet The Trees - Oak

Fun Facts

The Oak (Quercus) is a large genus of more than 450 species of monoecious, deciduous, or evergreen trees native mainly to the northern temperate zone.

The oak tree provides a habitat for over 500 species of insects and other invertebrates, not to mention many birds and mammals.

In pre-Classical Greece, acorns formed part of the staple diet of the human population.

Acorns were made into ersatz coffee in many European countries during the two world wars.

Practical Uses

The Saxons and other engaged in “masting”, pasturing livestock in the woods to feed on acorns and beech nuts. In the Middle Ages, the value of the land was said to be determined by how many pigs the woods could feed. The practice of Masting is still practiced.

Cork is a fire resistant outer bark that can be peeled off a living cork oak tree every 9 years. It is used for wine and bottle stoppers. The lesser grades of cork provide insulation and floor tiles. The lifespan of a cork oak is 150 to 200 years. The average tree produces enough cork for 4,000 bottle stoppers per harvest.

Oak wood is used for timber as it is hard, tough, and durable. The bark of some species yield dye and tannins used in the leather industry.

Natural Healing

Common oak bark is highly astringent due to its tannin content. It has traditionally been taken in a tea to combat diarrhea and dysentery and used externally to treat hemorrhoids, inflamed gums, wounds, and eczema.

The Red Oak essence at Delta Gardens is said to help us experience the totality of our being and is supportive for those who feel narrow or fearful of exploring new talents.

Myth & Symbolism

Symbolism: Sovereignty, rulership, power

Divine Association: Thunder gods: Perun(as) (Slavic, Baltic), Taara (Estonian, Finnish), Thor (Norse), Donar (Saxon), taranis (Celtic, Zeus (Greek), Jupiter (Roman), Agrarian deities: Mars Silvanus (Roman and Celtic), the Green Man (Anglo-Celtic)

Astrological Association: Mars

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