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Connected Support

Supporting Others Through Connection

What is Connected Support?

Connected Support is a pathway for people to support people.  Individuals may make direct financial contributions to our Scholarship Fund or our Sponsorship Program.  Individuals in need may request support for services.

What is the Scholarship Fund and how do I contribute?

The Sage Moon Scholarship Fund is primarily sourced from Alchemy for the People, either through the Patreon Project or through site membership.  Funds may be used in a myriad of ways to support others, such as providing access to Alchemy for the People and providing financial support for services.  You can contribute by making a direct donation through our online shop.  Donations are not tax deductible.

What is a Sponsorship and how do I contribute?

Sponsorships are person to person financial support for services such as Partnerships and Consultationships.  A Sponsor agrees to financially support another to be able to access one of the two programs.  Sponsors commit  to providing 25% to 50% of the program fee for the entire length of the program (6 months) or longer.  In short, this means a Sponsor would commit to providing $25 to $100 a month for a period of 6 months that will help someone else obtain our services.  If you would like to sponsor another person, please connect through our online contact form.

Who may apply for a Sponsorship?

Sponsorships are reserved for individuals who are interested in a Partnership or a Consultationship, but the cost of either is beyond their financial means or would likely result in financial hardship.  We ask that those inquiring about a Sponsorship:
1.  Be ready to commit to  6 month contract that focuses on your wellness and well being.
2. Truly be in need of financial support and would be unable to pay full price for services. 
3. Commit to paying  50% to 75% of the monthly Partnership or Consultationship cost for the full 6 months.  This is $100 to $150 a month for Partnerships and $50 to $75 a month for Consultationships.
If you are interested in a Sponsorship and can commit to all three things listed above, please connect through the Contact form.  Please share a bit about yourself, what you are seeking support around, and the amount of Sponsorship you are seeking.  If the support of what you are looking for is within the scope of our services, we will contact you when a Sponsorship becomes available.

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