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Herbal Alcohol Extracts, Fresh Plants PocketCourse

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Herbal Alcohol Extracts from Fresh Plants is a pocket-course that teaches the folk medicine skill of making an herbal extract (tincture) from fresh plants. Participants will learn how to create an herbal tincture using the folk method from single herb. This course is broken down into two simple parts. One part is a detailed printable pdf file that you can print out to follow along with the course and to serve as a reference for years to come. The second part is an instructional video which follows the pdf file and includes a medicine making demonstration. Herbal Alcohol Extracts from Fresh Plants Pocket Course instills one of the foundational skills in the art of plant medicine making. Upon completion of the course, participants will have learned how to render plant medicines from fresh plant material using an alcohol medium. This is the first of many PocketCourses to come. They are approachable courses on the foundational skills that serve as a grounding structure to begin or to add to your growing wisdom.

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