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While we have had a very rainy wet June, and some of our usual flora is coming in differently than it has in the recent past, the Yarrow is brightly shining. Yarrow was a very important herb the past few years for many folks, due to its amazing cardiovascular system support. It is still one of of the trio that I use for people dealing with Long Haul, which is Yarrow, Hawthorn, and Lobelia. I love this trio of herbs and it has worked profoundly well for myself and some of my clients. The Yarrow Flower Essence is something I use regularly and is in a "protection" blend (along with other protective flowers) made by Delta Gardens. I use this at the beginning of each session as it helps me create and hold an energetic boundary and not to absorb the energies of others. Yarrow essence can also be great to use when we may come into large crowds of people, and are particularly sensitive.

A bit of helpful and fun information on Yarrow.

Common Name: Yarrow

Latin Name:Achillea millefolium Achillea refers to Achilles, who used plants of the genus to staunch the wounds of his soldiers at the siege of Troy. Millefolium means “many leaves”

Parts Used: whole above ground plant

Main Actions: diaphoretic, astringent, diuretic, antiseptic, emmenagogue, Stimulant, tonic, Tones blood vessels. Stimulates digestion. Heals wounds. Specific to thrombotic conditions associated with high blood pressure. Energetics: Drying (Astringent), Cooling Specific Indications: The wounded warrior, wounded healer remedy. puts out the fires, get cut to the bone emotionally and physically. Sensitive delicate persons that are easily hurt. (Matthew Wood Earthwise Herbal) Congestion to the head, headache, vertigo, nosebleeds, stuffed sinuses, bronchitis, bloating, digestive cramps, diverticulitis, colitis, hemorrhoids, liver inflammation (acute), nephritis, acute cystitis, arthritis, fever, lacerations, psoriasis, bee sting, Preparation / Dose: Tea, Tincture, Drop Dose Tincture Contraindications: Allergies to Yarrow. Avoid during pregnancy. Flower Essence: A protection essence. Offers protection from EMFs and radiation; helpful if you tend to “pick up”and be overloaded by other people’s thoughts and feelings; supportive if you have trouble discerning your own feelings from other people’s feelings; offers energetic protection if you live near and feel disturbed by high-tension wires, cell towers or power plants. (From Delta Gardens, where you can also purchase the Yarrow Essence.

Other: A yarrow leaf crushed and placed in the nostril can stop a nosebleed.

Yarrow has been called the Quintessential Cardiovascular Herb.

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