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Why Do Entities Stay Earth Side? And why that is not the best way to ask the question........

The question that really cannot be answered with any sort of completeness to it is "Why do entities stay earth side?"....which is the most common way it is expressed.

I will say that first, in order to even pose this question, there is likely the belief of some utopian place or some terrible place where souls go after they die - you know, the whole Heaven and Hell thing. I was raised in a Roman Catholic religious style, and so that idea of Heave and Hell was deeply ingrained in me. And, I just never really bought it. Probably because it didn't coincide with some deeper knowing in me, that I never turned off, but certainly did tuck away as a child, because....well.........most adults find it incredibly disturbing.

I think better questions to pose are:

Why do some souls make attempts to capture the attention of living people?

Why do souls attach to a specific place?

Why do some people notice these energies more than others?

What happens to people when they die?

Now while I feel these are much better questions to pose, they really are unanserable. Our society just does not have the support around this topic, so it isn't frequently talked about and when we do experience things, we shrug it off as imagination, coincidence, or the occasional worry about going crazy. While unanswerable, they certainly are able to be experienced. And when more than one person experiences similar things, it brings validation to what we are experiencing (Why i usually bring someone with me when I visit spaces with active energy.).

I think when we shift the questioning just a bit and ask WHAT instead of WHY, there can be greater clarity.

What is the purpose of souls making themselves known to living people?

What is it about the living people that are sensitive to these energies that makes them better able to hear/see/feel them?

What occurred in the space that might keep a soul attached?

and so on................It's a different way of questioning and one I often invoke in my healing work. For WHY sends us off in a mental spiral trying to find THE ANSWER that will satisfy the mind, so that it can put it in a neat little box, and say "I understand that now"........because the mind does NOT like not knowing things. And because these particular WHYS cant really be answered with any definitive sense, and we know that....that box we put them in never quite closes, and there is really never the satisfaction of figuring it out that we think we have.

When we ask WHAT.....What is this serving? What is here for me to witness? What is this about? Well.....we are simply asking for more information rather than a definite answer.....and when we do that, the information tends to be more satisfied with flowing forth knowing that there is no box for it to have to fit in.

So let's go through the questions........

WHAT is the purpose of souls making themselves known to living people?

I feel it can be different for different situations. In the experiences I have had with house clearings, the souls were stuck, usually with guilt, shame, blame, or anger....or, as in the experience with the Red Cross Building, perhaps a protective role to play.

My experiences have been that these souls need two things....witnessing and forgiveness, to help unstick them from the place they seem to be stuck.

I have also had experiences where souls hang around loved ones. They don't seem to be there all the time, but do seem to appear often at just the perfect time. This, to me feels more like a protective, loving presence. There isn't necessarily a story to be witnessed, however, often there are attempts to be acknowledged.

My father used to visit us in lights. Often I would start thinking of my father, and all of a sudden whatever light I was around would start blinking. After many times of this happening, I concluded that it was indeed my father making his presence known. This really hit home one day when my son was sitting at the dining room table talking to someone. My husband went in to ask him who he was talking to. My son answered, very matter of factly "Grandpa Don. He's in the lightbulb". My husband chuckled and say "Hi Grandpa Don" jokingly. The lightbulb/Grandpa Don responded by blinking off and on a few times, right on cue.

What is it about the living people sensitive to these energies that makes them able to experience them?

This is another question where I have more than one answer. Three to be exact. And again, these are all my best guesses that seem to be true based on my experiences.

1- Individuals that are more psychically porous are more sensitive to the other side of the veil and therefore can hear, see, feel these energies.

2- Individuals that believe that they can, are more likely to both experience and accept those experiences from the other side of the veil as reality.

3 - Individuals that have had near death experiences, or those that have actually died and come back, such as in an accident or health emergency situation, seem to be more sensitive to the other side of the veil - often more sensitive than either of the other 2 categories. Also, possibly more overwhelmed since this sort of "sight" can be turned on in an instance, whereas those that are psychically sensitive usually have a longer time period where these experiences are "normal" to them.

What occurred in a space that might keep a soul attached?

My experience is that something happened there that kept a piece of the soul tied there. It probably is rooted in some sort of trauma, which is going to likely involve guilt, shame, or blame. I do also feel that souls can travel around.......(IE I dont really think we leave when we die, I think we just leave the physical body), but when a soul is attached to a specific space, there is often something else going on keeping them tied there. I do also feel that souls can be attached to spaces that they loved. My house is a really good example. The energies there do not seem to be attached to any sort of traumatic event, but rather, a sort of hanging out because of being tied to the house due to love or fond memories that they experienced here. The energies here also are stronger because the house still contains many of their possessions - furniture, crystal, blankets, etc. I always feel they are sort of here to make sure the house is well cared for and we stay in line with that - such as every time I bring out this beautiful white table cloth, the lights blink or pop. Clearly the souls here are not thrilled about us using that one cloth, or are at least telling us to be careful with it!

And the ultimate question.....What happens when people die?

I have pondered on this for much of my life. As a child, I was told you go to Heaven if you are good, and you go to Hell if you are bad. I think very early on I realized that this was not too different from stories of the Boogyman created to keep children and people in general in line.

The truth is we dont know. We might have had experiences that bring us some information and give us some ideas of what it might be, but we absolutely do not know.

From my experiences in this realm, and also with the energy work that I do, I believe that there is so much more that is real than we know there is. I believe we experience much more than we are aware of. Where my beliefs currently that I do not think we die. Not really. I think our physical body dies. I think our soul (or whatever you want to call it) remains here amongst ALL of EVERYTHING. I view life as a giant tapestry, and I think the energies of people after they die are still part of that tapestry. I also do believe that we probably retain memory or attachments to who we were. AND it also could totally be on some biological energy level that I dont understand too - maybe my dad hangs around because part of his energy is in my actual physical structure, thus part of my energy- and it has nothing to do with memory or love - more a sort of energetic biological attraction of forces, which could also be seen as protective in a way. And also this i dont know. It's just one of the things I ponder.

I have had far too many experiences to believe that we disappear. I have also had far too many experiences to NOT believe that we aren't still a part of this whole tapestry.

I believe one of two things.......either when we die our energies are dispersed into sort of sparkly energetic particles that are part of everything, which we call into existence, or which make themselves known, for other reasons. OR when we die, our soul energy just slips into another "dimension" (For lack of a better way to say it" right alongside ours.....touching ours or perhaps overlaying it or underlying it.

I dont know if either of these ideas are true, but they seem like they could be. They also feel close enough to something that resembles something that might fit in a box with the lid left open, for my mind to say "ok, I can accept those things might be true."

That was a whirlwind of ramblings on things that are quite mysterious and probably always will be.

What thoughts do you have to the questions I posed? Please feel free to share in the comments below!

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