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What emotion is up for you today?

Today is the new moon in Taurus. With the recent activity of Jupiter there has been a lot of emotional stir up.

What's up for you today in the emotional realm? How have you been doing the past few days?

I have been dealing with a string of headaches which are in part due to a new flower Essence I shifted to for Babesia.......... and partly due to a million other moments all strung together , including whatever is going on in the planets. Because of doing this work physically, my emotions have been turned down. It's a clever tactic most of us are familiar with. However underneath that is sadness...... grief. Oh I forgot to mention my lungs are tight and asthma is acting up more than usual. Lungs are where we hold grief, so all of the pieces fit. Mostly and oddly my sadness has been about my mom. Not really for any reason. But interestingly it has come through when I see her eyes that are smiling with her smile in photos. I see joy there........ which is not my mom's go to. What comes with this is a deep sadness for all the joy she doesn't allow herself to feel. And it made me sad. Of course this is a reflection of myself. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree, or something like that........... yesterday my brother texted me with concern for my mom who has been dealing with some health issues. I thought "well isn't this interesting timing!!" And I also realized it's not interesting at all, it's quite matter of fact and how life flows.

So rather than go ono my grief and mental body trying to figure it out ....... and y'all know how I love a good puzzle!🤪........ I will go outside and do some tasks in the gardens and feel the sun and the wind and listen to the birds.

You see, we don't always face to figure it out. We can simply acknowledge what's there...... awareness.....and take ourselves out into nature and allow that support..... that big support flow in like a big hug.

So what's your state today? How's your physical body feeling? How's your heart?

What kind of support can you give yourself today?

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I think I am feeling external frustration over not being able to help a friend who’s sister is dying of multiple problems and who’s kids are cruel. My friend tells me today that she only ate bread during the month of her recent covid bout. Normally I would go to bed and read but today I weeded a small section of the onion patch then set out some transplants feeling so frustrated that she didn’t call me when she only had bread.

Physically I just felt exhausted and my heart is achy breaky. Perhaps Motherwort? Yerba mate?

Thank you for getting me to explore this 🍄🍄

Replying to

And once again I will say I am so sorry to jsut notice the comments area on my blog! I had always lamented that people didnt comment more and come to find out they were! I just couldnt see the comments! Motherwort possibly......and also rose and hawthorn!

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