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Uncovering the Patterns

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Migraines are patterns.

Migraines, like all chronic issues, are not things in and of themselves, but rather patterns. When we can begin to notice what our particular patterns might be, it then becomes easier to find our triggers. Once we find our triggers, we are better able to avoid them.

Triggers may be foods, they may be exposures to something environmental, and sometimes they can even be specific people. They will ALWAYS have an emotion present that is blocked or repressed. When we can bring forward that emotion and allow ourselves to experience it, the physical manifestation it is presenting in the form of a headache, will often disappear and the pattern itself will shift or dissolve.

Energetically, migraines are similar to panic attacks and seizures. They all are a build up of energy that is being held or stuffed down, that gets to a tipping point, where it releases in an explosive like way.

Most people are unaware of the patterns of their migraines. With a few questions and some investigating, they begin to emerge.

Do your migraines occur at a certain time of day or night? What time? What occurs just prior to the onset?

Do they occur on a specific day of the week? If so, what is significant about this day or the day prior? Is there something that regularly occurs - a task, a visit with a specific person, an appointment, etc.?

Do you wake up with them after having gone to be without them? If so, do you remember your dreams? Do you recall what your emotional state was before going to bed?

How soon after eating do they tend to begin? If the consistently occur within an hour after eating, what foods or food groups are similar each time?

What makes them worse? (heat, light, sound, a specific emotion, scent, etc)

What makes them better? (heat, cold, dark, quiet, crying, screaming, etc.)

Are you aware of any things that trigger you? (foods, emotions, chemicals, places, etc.)

Do you tend to have more migraines at certain times of the year? If so, what historically is there for you that might be significant or have made a significant emotional imprint on you about this time of year?

Prior to the onset of the migraine, do you have auras?

Prior to the onset of the migraine, do you have pains, aches, or other things that you notice in any other area of your body?

Some interesting pattern insights:

Often people will have migraines on Mondays or Fridays. Mondays is often associated with the beginning of the work week, so may have something to do with the work environment, feelings about work, or exposure to something at work. Fridays is often the end of the week and when people spend time with their families. Friday occurring migraines may suggest stress, anxiety, or emotional unrest around the home environment.

When people have a specific month or season that migraines (or any chronic condition) tends to be worse in, there will usually be something that occurred in their lives around that same month or season that left an emotional imprint - often around anger or grief. This could be the beginning of school year, the birth of a younger sibling, the death of some one close, or any other big life changes such as a move, a relationship change, or something else that left an imprint.

Sometimes what may seem like an obvious chemical sensitivity, such as to a perfume or strong smelling detergents, will still have an emotional component attached.


Exploring patterns, brings insights, and can often help us learn more about our triggers and the nature of our particular migraine manifestation patterns. When we can gather more information around our migraines, we will learn new ways to work with them and shift our patterns.

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