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The Lyme Witch

As many of you know, I specialize in Lyme & Co, Chronic Conditions, and the intersect of emotions/trauma involved in both. Because I have a following of folks that are interested Lyme, that may not be interested in ALL that I offer through this Alchemy for The People Patreon Project, I have created another one, called The Lyme Witch (MY Instagram handle).

I am not asking any Patrons of this project to support The Lyme Witch one, as you are all already supporting me (and I cannot tell you what a huge deal that is to me! I am incredibly grateful). AND........I do want you all to know about this.

The Lyme Witch Project is focused on Lyme and related conditions. Its goal is to get information out to the public and to help raise funds to do so. My first project is to create flyers/posters with actual truths about Lyme (not the typical stuff you see) and to distribute these to areas such as hiking trails, medical offices, libraries, etc.

Another project of mine is to create a presentation that I can offer to medical centers, caregivers, community centers, schools, and places of business, to offer to help people educate themselves and gain more knowledge about this incredibly important subject.

Any patronage from The Lyme Witch Project will go to support those two projects and more to come in the future.

So if you are inspired to support that project, please do. And if you are inspired to share about that project, please do so.

Educate to Advocate.

Thank you and much love to you all,


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I am most grateful for this amazing caring about the world💕💕💕🧙🏼‍♀️

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