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The Incredible Edible Gardens

I am so excited for my upcoming classes Herbalism in and Beyond the Gardens, which starts this Friday and continues each week for 4 weeks at the Incredible Edible Gardens in Milbridge Maine.

These are some photos of one of the amazing garden sites associated with WHRL (Women for Healthy Rural Living).

When my family was first looking for our future home, we visited this area, knowing we wanted to move off the island we lived on (and also knowing we couldn't afford to continue living there as prices were skyrocketing and every rental was becoming an Air B and we were off to buy a home for our family.)..........we came upon these gardens. It was winter time and they were covered with snow., but when I learned about them, I knew I wanted to live here. These gardens are run by the WHRL non profit and are maintained by volunteers. EVERYTHING in the gardens is free to the community here. We often drive down and go for a walk through the labyrinth of lettuce and pick different vegetables and herbs to bring home and make our evening meal with. It is such a treasure and a resource.

And I am incredibly honored to be bringing my classes there. We are starting with the four classes I mentioned above, which will be done in an herb walk fashion each week, exploring the medicinal benefits of plants growing in and around the gardens, and also touching on the wild plants nearby. I am also going to touch on tree medicine, giving Maine has been very wet and cloudy all spring and summer and not a heck of a lot is growing right now....but the trees are always available. At each class I will demonstrate at least one medicine making technique and have plenty of time to answer questions.

And I have a VERY ROBUST booklet I have created to gift everyone who attends.

If you are local and would like to sign up, you can do so here.

ALL Classes are free of charge, but sign up is required.

Hope to see you there!

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