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The Alchemist's Cabinet

With the going back into creating the well loved Golden Milk Electuary (The project was successful and ingredients have been ordered!), I am considering the idea of having a few items in a special shop accessible ONLY to site members and Patrons.

My plan is to have my top three creations there - Golden Milk Electuary, Rock Fish Relief Salve, and Wicked Ease Salve. My apothecary shelves are full of extracts, so I also figured, why not also include them in the meantime. I do not plan on going full back into having an apothecary shop. However, putting up this offering for now of some single extracts that I currently have available. How long the extracts will remain, Im not sure. I am not offering formulations at this time.

You can access the shop from the menu at the top of my home page in the same way that you do my blog, and classroom - with your membership login and password.

I also want to mention, that if you have questions about any of these, I am happy to answer them and more through a "Reflective Consultation" or a "Check in" (if you are an existing client. which you can book here.

Happy June!

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