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Tea Time - Interlude Invitation

Make yourself a cup of tea. Be present with the tea when you are creating it. It could be loose leaf or an already bagged version. It could be a simple infusion where you pour water over and strain after a few minutes, or maybe it's a more involved decoction of chai. Just make a cup of tea. Then sit and sip and enjoy while you do something pleasurable. This could be reading a book, sitting outside and feeling the air, or just sitting and doing nothing much at all except noticing how it feels to have a moment of pause and sip some tea.

Try doing this every day for one week. It doesn't take a long time to do, or much effort. The rewards from the little bits of ritual and warmth are many that will ripple forth with each sip.

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1 Comment

What a splendid idea❣️🍄☘️

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