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Swirls, Spirals, & Evolution of Things.......A Rambling

Sometimes things bounce around in our consciousness, in a seemingly willy nilly sort of fashion, laying in wait for other pieces to come in to connect and form a picture. It seems to be that those connection pieces aren’t something that can be brought forward by thinking, and usually pop up of their own accord, in a way that we never would have thought to lean towards. Sometimes it feels like the universe is giving those of us that tend to stick to older ways of doing things, a little piece that connects us to current times and into the future. After all, we are here now and hopefully we will be around for a bit into the future.

I have had some of these pieces floating around for a bit, knowing they are incredibly meaningful, but not quite knowing the full picture. I still don’t claim to know the full picture (I don’t know that we ever can, especially those of us with these clear sensory channels - because it is often after the fact that we can look back and see how all of the breadcrumbs connected………and to see them in present time requires a sort of self-trust that I think we tend to slip in and out of, often in the span of mere moments.).

Last night a piece popped in and in an instant all of the other pieces I had been holding, moved around in a different formation and I went “AHhhhhhhhh………so there it is!” Now…. we can see what we want to see, we can form patterns and connections based on our current perspective, which can often be quite biased - usually based on what emotions we want or don’t want to allow ourselves to feel. However, when those pieces pop in and the picture shifts, the feeling is different. The best way that I can describe it is that it is felt internally and seems to reverberate throughout the temporal lines - ours, our ancestors, and all that is yet to come. The pinging of a cosmic thread.

The connecting piece for this stream was one word. “Neurolink”. This came through in a class at the Otherworld Well Hedge School, run by Sean Donogue, which I help host. The class was on the subject of Wild Joy and for reasons I can’t quite recall, the topic of Neurolink came up. Neurolink is a project of Elon Musk’s and while I am not very well informed about this subject or really anything that Elon Musk is involved in, this one pinged with a sharp chime, calling forth those pieces. Neurolink is a company that makes implantable brain technology. The idea is that it is supposed to improve brain function. I have seen it being talked about for use in medicine for things such as memory issues and productivity. This whole concept is highly disturbing to me and I find it very scary because how it potentially can be used. But this is not the subject of this article.

A few moments later, another piece flowed in. Not a connection piece. Not even something that was out of my awareness, but it was the way that it was said that resonated. Sean mentioned the trajectory of the world and how bringing in person visits back into his practice anytime soon, or possibly ever, may not be in the cards. We are entering a well past tipping point and I truly believe that we will be experiencing more pandemics in the very near future, likely each one ramping up with intensity. Nature is sending us a message that goes along with the tendrils of our choices. And we aren’t getting it yet. As Stephen Buhner said in his book “Earth Grief”, in order to change the course we are going in, everything…..EVERYTHING that is destroying the planet would have to come to a screeching halt immediately, and only then might things shift. This hasn’t happened and almost certainly won’t. (Although I'm still waiting for the aliens to show up...... so perhaps there's a sliver of a chance.)

I have been doing distance work for a long time, and since the beginning of the pandemic I have moved exclusively to distance work. Others that I know and respect have also done this. What I have discovered has also been felt by others. Our work distantly is generally better than our in person work (I’ll comment on this In a moment) We get more information. That information comes in with greater clarity. There is a different type of clear connection and our clear senses (Clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, etc) are off the charts (not that any charts of measurement exist) and there is this evolution taking place. Or perhaps it is more of a de-evolution, as these senses are something that humans once possessed and around the past few hundred years, they have atrophied….or maybe ran and hid away. Now I said "better"……….that is very subjective and does depend on the nature of the work. If one's work is strongest in the connective factor of human touch, well, then that “better” may not hold true. For those of us that work through the ethers, gathering and reading information through the temporal lines and the tapestry of all, then we seem to be able to do that with greater clarity during distance work.

Are you still with me?

Sometimes trying to bring these pieces together in a cohesive written article is just as ambiguous as it is when they are floating around in my own field. The visual I get is of me with a giant butterfly net in a big open field of wildflowers…….reaching up and grabbing the pieces as I talk about them, hoping that they are grabbed in the right order that presents some sort of linear structure, but also realizing that I don’t necessarily make that call. And every once in a while one of the pieces flutters away from the wildflower field and into the forest, and if I want to retrieve it, I am going to have to venture there. And my little patch of forest here in Maine, lays behind a cemetery…….so we get to add that to the mix as well. (HAHA)

I often find that there is a human attempt to recreate things in nature - often not doing it very well. I firmly believe that man will never outsmart, outwit, outdo nature…….really because we ARE nature. Every attempt at trying to do things better than nature, well, it comes with its consequences that come back at us, most often in some sort of harmful way. There are those of us that remember that we are nature, and so feel the blows more heavily. We also feel the call more urgently and often are able to respond, on a level that is not mental. Often I don’t even think we know that we are responding, we are just following the threads, and after period of time can look back and say “Ohhhhh now it all makes sense.” Much like the gathering of the pieces I described.

Anyone can see the very clear comparison of mycelium to that of the internet - or rather World Wide Web, which is what we used to call it. Funny how that has receded from our awareness as well, as we no longer have to type www before entering a web site destination to get there. We no longer have to even be reminded of the world or how wide it is or that there is a web that connects us all. It is a quite sterile, stripped down version that removes any sort of humanness from it. Instead we have the internet.

Stephen Buhner speaks of this in his book Earth Grief, regarding what we now call PTSD, which at one time, was called Shell Shock, and before that it was called Soldier’s Heart. Through the years, the humanness, the feeling has been stripped out of it, and so disconnected us from what it really is. The word “internet” does the same thing.

The “internet”, if looked at from a distance or from a certain perspective is like mycelium. Mycelium is everywhere. Mycelium is life. Without it there would be no life. This is not true of the internet. Although I will say with the creation of the virtual world, if the internet did not exist, the virtual world would not either.

Although mycelium is feeding life. It sustains it. There is a give and take relationship that creates a flourishing of nature. This is very very important.

Looked at it from a certain perspective, let’s say with a teeter totter as the focal point, Mycelium would be on one end, and there would be a counter balance of man’s recreation attempt of the internet on the other end.

Can you picture it? Now I could get into how the end on the mycelium is connected and uplifted and nourished by all sorts of other life….and the internet….well….its kind of floating there all by it’s lonesome. But that would take me further away from the root idea of this article.

So I go back to distance work and neurolink. I see them in the same way that I see the mycelium and the internet. Long ago, the sensory channels of humans were much brighter and clearer. Humans were in greater connection with nature. It is our natural state to be aware of that, to have clear sight, to have clear hearing, and to be able to sense the subtlest of things throughout the entire spectrum of ALL, because we are all connected. Now whether this happens through the mycelium network, or through the ethers, I can’t say for sure. I believe it is because we are nature and therefore we can feel ALL Of it. Every joy, every grief, every thing that creates any sort of shift, can be felt, if we tune into it. When you also take into account the idea that time is not linear…..(I won’t go too far into this as even I get confused with too much mental body here)……but that all time happens simultaneously (or something like that), and realize that we CAN access that information…..any of it…….when we are in connection with it (some people call it the Akashic records, which always is a bit of a turn off to me because that too is a man made term…….. I just think of it as being connected to nature....all time....….and to ALL that means.) ……….

So we CAN and DO connect to All of this. It often feels as if it is coming in through our crowns, which we too often associate with our brains. While this may be true, I believe it to come first through the heart………however that is my experience and my belief.

During distance work, we can connect to this grand network of something………to this network of nature…….to nature…….and information flows..... but then again we ARE nature..... so it's more of allowing awareness of that connection. Those that do this work often notice that the more you do it, the more flows in. (There’s something to be said here regarding practicing!). Sometimes we will be sitting with someone and all of a sudden they say what we were thinking. And we say “Ohhhh you just read my mind!” Maybe…..but more like we read the energy, the vibration, and that contained information. While it is amazing and fascinating, it really is matter of fact. This is how we are and it is in our capabilities (I really hate to use that word here, as this has a feeling of achieving and progressing, and working really hard to attain something…..)……..its in our NATURE, is a better way to put it. (I like this better as often in order to increase these clear sensory channels, it’s not striving that we need to do….its NOT striving. Its slowing down, its listening, its just being aware of what is going on around you, which starts with what is going on inside of you, which is something not many people want to know about.).

There is this network of energy, this exchange of information through nature that can be accessed, that “seems to come into our brains”….which is does, when it is something we become aware of……..I just want to really emphasize that while we may experience it as coming into our brains, it really is coming into every bit of us.

Now think of the neurolink. This man-made technology that is attempting to increase brain productivity. It is attempting, at least in some of the articles that I have read, to allow us to transmit information, commands, or what not, from thought to devices such as our computers, phones, even texting. We can think something and send that information out.

Ummmmmmmmmmm. We can and already are doing that in ways that I just described. So again, I find that this is another attempt to mimic what is already existing in the natural world.

Unfortunately while this technology may have some benefits that will most certainly be marketed, overall, it will further disconnect us from ourselves, from nature.

The point of this is, I think reconvening with these senses is part of our evolution. I feel beyond a doubt that this is what is happening. We have always had these "abilities" but few of us welcome them back.The pandemic threw us into it. We had to do it this way in order to keep on working. Nature has a way of doing her work like that.

So we have another teeter totter sitting right next to the one with the internet and mycelium. This one with Clair senses and Neurolink. One side is expansive and connective and ALIVE. The other is an attempt that has very little, if any, life to it.

It is always disheartening to watch billions of dollars and so much energy being expended into things such as this, when if we put a fraction of that energy into exploring and getting to know ourselves….well…we would see that technology pales in comparison with the magnificence of nature.

It is something I grieve often. Not just watching it all develop and feeling the fall out that comes with it, but watching humans, which ARE nature, disconnect themselves further and further from it.

And to me, this stems from worthiness. We don’t see our own worth. Information is pouring Into us all the time to reinforce this unworthiness that we already feel. AND……when these things are stemming from a lack of worthiness, in an attempt to create worthiness……well….the worthiness it creates is false.

You cannot solve an issue by working through the same channel in which it was created. We learn this in energetic bodywork very early on. You are not going to shift mental illness by working through the mental body. You are not going to resolve a physical condition by working only through the physical body. Other aspects of self - all aspects of self - must come into agreement and alignment with that shift, otherwise it will not stick, or may not even happen at all.

My wish for humans is that they would spend sometime discovering their own worthiness. That they ARE enough….and they ARE valuable……not because of the things that they do, or what they can achieve, but simply because they are alive.

We don’t need something like neurolink to do that for us (nor will it).

We have to become aware that we are Nature……and because of that we are connected to one another and to ALL and everything………

And then we have to slow down and listen and simply let nature flow.

I feel this is the direction we are flowing in. And there are those that can help support to make you feel less alone, and make the whole thing less overwhelming.

Nature is calling us to step into our power, which is nature itself.

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