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Suspend What You Think You Believe......

Suspend what you think you believe…..or at least hold space for a perspective that may be very different from one that you currently hold about organisms and disease in the body….for I am about to share a very important piece about my work with Lyme & Co.

I used to work with Lyme in the Western Medicine framework, which is a germ kill approach. By germ kill, I mean that you are using something, be it pharmaceuticals or herbs or riffe machines with the same goal, which is to lower the microbial count in the body, by killing off as many microbes as you can. This worked ok. It was a long and continual road of ramping up the artillery, going to war, and then getting a little bit of a breather before the whole cycle started again. But it never felt quite right. It always felt violent and aggressive…..because it was.

I started working with flower essences before I had my huge perspective shift. The flower essence approach with Lyme & Co is not germ kill. It’s something different. It’s hard to explain exactly what IT is, so we create languaging around it to be able to talk about it. It appears that flower essences help to shift the vibration of the body. Microbes and disease are a low vibration. Health is a high vibration. When the flower essences shift the body to a higher vibration, it changes the landscape to one that is no longer hospitable to microbes. This is typically how I explain it. AND……….I cannot be 100% sure that my explanation is correct. I don’t really KNOW what is going on. I mean, heck, we could be calling in little beings (and not just the essence of) to come in and do their work to shift the vibration and tell the microbes to “cut the shit”. What I do know is that once I introduced flower essences into my practice, and called upon these allies, my clients got better in ways that they never did with herbs alone.

My clients got better with flower essences used for Lyme & Co than they did with herbs alone.

(Im saying that again for emphasis…..and Ill be honest here….I dont know why more people aren’t completely blown away by this. I don’t know why more of the people that are so sick and struggling with these illnesses aren’t lining up at the doors of flower essence practitioners specifically skilled for working with Lyme & Co.)

I continued to work with Flower Essences for Lyme. My clients got better. I completely stopped using herbal medicine in a germ kill manner, because herbs and pharmaceuticals used in a germ kill manner are not conducive with flower essences. I continued to learn all that I could about Lyme & Co…….and then I read a book recommended to me by a friend who has dealt with more Lyme & Co infections than anyone I have ever known. This book was called This Is Your Brain on Parasites by Kathleen McAullife. It changed everything.

Now this book wasn’t about the subject of Lyme persay. It was about parasites and our relationship to them. It was about the symbiosis that occurs, that exchange between us and them. I suddenly had, dare I say, compassion and understanding for these little organisms. They were doing what they did to survive.

When we attempt to kill them, they do what any other organism, including a human, would do. They either stay and put up a good fight or they run and hide and live to fight another day. The tricky part is they often do bizarre things when they run and hide….like replicate during dormancy, build little colonies, swap DNA, and other incredibly things. Hence the never ending cycles and battling of war upon war, traveling from one area of the body to another. What is not occupied and has space for me? What is easily infiltrated because it is already week? Where is an area hidden deep within that I can stay inconspicuous for a while?

Are you starting to see it?

I started to look at these microbes, who compared to thinking and conscious humans, may seem strikingly different from us…… not too different from us. When you strip away the human condition, the victimhood, the woe is me, even the pleasure and delight and joy chasing………humans like all other things are just trying to survive.

As my perspective flipped in a lightbulb type moment, I suddenly had more keys on my keychain with which I could unlock different doors. I then understood in a very different way, what one of my mentors, Emily Bracale used to say when she talked about “being a happy host”. YES! Of course. It made so much sense now. I didn’t disagree with it before, I was just only seeing part of it. I now was seeing a bigger picture.

What I understood then, and continue to hold as my compass, are several things……

  1. These microbes aren’t going anywhere (You dont get rid of them, at least I have never witnessed that.)

  2. They are just trying to survive.

  3. They are more intelligent than us.

  4. We can make a deal with them………….

Oh number 4! What?

These organisms are inside of us, living within the thing we call a human body. They are trying to survive…….and will go to whatever means necessary to insure that they do. Often this results in our physical body being quite ravaged. We sink further and further into illness, which is often perpetuated by the helpless despair and pure exhaustion we feel from the fight.

One of the first things I did in my own body, and do in most of my sessions when working with Lyme & Co… to enter into a conversation with these microbes. I haven’t touched on the gifts that they bring yet, and I have written about that before, and I will likely do another article about it again. Yes….they bring us gifts. Once we choose to see that, establishing a relationship becomes much easier.

To go into it all too briefly……

We have to eat better with Lyme………we cant eat processed crap as these microbes will really flourish and we will feel like shit. We always should have been eating better. These microbes force us to eat better. That’s a good thing.

We have to rest more. We cant overdo it as we do not have the energy to expend like we once did. Well, we probably never should have been going full speed with no stopping. These microbes force us to rest. Thats a good thing.

We often cant multi task, doing 4 or 10 things at once, because we cant focus anymore like we once did due to brain fog. We MUST be present with one thing and usually fully present and focused. Well…..its how we probably should have always been operating. We act like superheroes with octopus arms. Which was going to burn out sooner or later. These microbes force us to be present. That’s also a good thing.

We dont take things for granted anymore. Those that are really sick are incredibly grateful for the days they can get out of bed, for the days they can walk from room to room, or even take a shower. Gratitude. The microbes bring moments of gratitude for little things like that. This is a good thing. Heck……the very fact that we can wake up every day should have everyone being grateful, but it doesn’t. We take life for granted.

Now where was I….ah yes…the conversation. I enter into a conversation with these microbes. I say something like……… “hey…..I know you want to live here. I want to live here too. If I get too sick, I may die and then you will die too. So let’s make a deal. I will rest more, I will eat more healthy, I will slow down and not try and be a super hero, I will practice greater presence, I will also bring more gratitude into every day, into every moment that I can. …………..this will insure that we all have a place to live. You will be my guides. Go ahead and make me sick when I eat crappy food, then I will remember. Please feel free to send out a little flare up when I have overwhelmed myself with stress or activity, it will help me to know my limits better. If I start to dwell too much in the past or focus too much on the worrisome what ifs of the future, I will understand why you are ramping up the brain fog, and I will bring myself into the present moment. If I start to get heart palpitations or my blood pressure raises, I will know that you are letting me know that I am under too much stress and tension and I need to lighten my load. “

Now do they hear me? I think so. Maybe not. AND, does it really matter what narrative I put to it, if it works. I cant say that they for certain hear me. I also can’t say for certain that they do not. I only can say that it seems to work as part of this work.

When my perspective shifted, so did my work. Having a greater understanding of the relationship between us and these microbes brought in different pieces and parts and aspects to how I work. It deepened my work. The work was still happening and it was still good, but now I had what we call “Right relationship” with it. We talk about right relationship a lot with regards to plant medicines. Anyone can go and buy a bag of dandelion root and make a tincture that will probably be good. However, no right relationship has been established with the plant itself, and by that, i mean it’s spirit. When we can sit with a dandelion and spend some time with it, we begin to establish a relationship with it. The medicine is different. The medicine is SO VERY VERY different. I have bought herbal medicines from great suppliers. They work fine. AND when I buy a medicine from someone who has a deep relationship with the plants, the medicine is different. The medicine is spectacular and very special. I have made plenty of decent medicines in my 25 years in this field.And now I make spectacular and very special ones, ones in which that right relationship is felt.

To say relationship matters is also to say the practitioner matters. Yes, anyone can buy flower essences and use them. But when practitioners who have a special relationship not only to the plants and essences, but to the microbes they are working with, well….that work is fuller………it is different…….and it works differently.

I had asked you to suspend your beliefs……..or at least open to hearing a different way.

And suggesting that you “befriend” microbes (ok im not really saying invite them over for a party of tea and cakes and fancy candies so maybe befriend is a bit extreme).....may seem kind of out there. And for me, it IS the reason my work is so special. I took them time to establish a right relationship with these things….the microbes, the plants, the essences, the stones……the person in front of me asking for my help. And so on and so forth.

It’s really really different. And I believe that to live harmoniously WITH these things that are not going anywhere, a different approach is necessary.

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