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Support and Move Out of The Way Just a Bit

Sometimes you realize something suddenly, in a flash, that has been whispering to you for a long time. This happened to me yesterday. In this moment, you allow your perception to soften and you let go of what you were holding so tight to, thinking it was safety and realizing it was fear....... and then everything shifts..... the wheel turns and is rethreaded and you look upon the world with changed eyes.

Yesterday out of the blue I realized how limited my perceptions have been. I realized it had been my own fears restricting the flow. Everything changed in an instant. And within moments, an abundance of confirmation came back from the world.

The new generations need the old stories and the old mouths to tell them. They need the old hands to offer them support when they stumble. They need the elders to stay on the path with them for a while as they walk side by side, together.... and eventually venture off on their own. And they need the elders to step a bit out of the way...... and resist imposing their ideas but to stand near and be willing to offer questions when asked.

We can resist as most do... because change is scary. Or we can step into the roles of storytellers and wisdom spinners....... and embrace the times ahead.

It gives me a rekindled hope during such dark times.

And I am grateful to the young people who are sharing with me their ideas and hopes and struggles and showing me how to step into this role and how I can best support them and how to do this awkward thing of becoming elder. And I apologize for not seeing this sooner.

Thank you

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