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Something New

Hey Everyone! I am trying something time...and we shall see how it goes, which means in general, do folks show up and do I have the bandwidth to make this a regular thing.

My plan is to add a monthly Q&A sort of connective space once a month for an hour. It will be open to members of certain tiers (either $5 or $10 and higher tiers or create a new one....I have not decided yet. I want this accessible and it is also my time and energy and this is what I do for a working on balancing that). And, this first one is open it to everyone of the $1 and up tiers to explore this new thing and see how it all plays out.

This will be a time where you can bring me your questions and I will try and answer them and it might spark some really cool conversations where we can learn from one another.

This will be different than my YouTube shows, in that it is my own private forum and therefore greater freedom of discussion of topics can occur.

If you are interested in participating, please respond to this post either in the comments or in a private message/email.

I am going to make this all easy on me and closer to the date, those who are interested will all get a link to the zoom event in their email/patreon messages. And if no one is interested, I'll just hang out by myself on Zoom on December 7 from 6pm to 7pm. haha.

If you are not a member of a paid tier and want to participate, you can join a paid tier in your own Patreon account controls. (And this event is open to those in ALL paid tier levels, even the $1 one).

Please respond with a yay, a nay, or private message. Thanks much and let's see where this all flows and what grows.......;)

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