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Simple Astrology for A Bit of a Guide

When it comes to astrology, I am not the most well versed - although I am learning more and more. Each time I step into a new branch of it, I learn more about myself, in ways that bring me confirmation and comfort. I find it all very fascinating.....and a little bit overwhelming. There are a handful of things in this vast realm that I have found really helpful. These are going to be the topic of this article.

The first way that astrology really helped me was when I first did my natal chart. Being in the realm of holistic wellness, I found that I was always trying to be calm, to be serene, because this is how I thought a "healer" was supposed to be and how they should carry themselves through the world. It was something I really struggled with. I was feisty, fiery, had a lot of trouble sitting still, and had a lot of anger in me. These were all things that for some reason I had deemed not congruent with being a healer. I had a large private practice built on this presentation, which never felt quite like me. I then did my natal chart. AND WOW! What I learned from that was HUGE and so incredibly helpful. You see, I am a Capricorn sun and that was really the only thing I. knew about astrology. To me that meant earthy, mothering, grounded, and solid like a mountain. What I learned through my natal chart was that I also was an Aires moon and an Aires rising.......and Aires....well.....they are ALL FIRE. They move, they are fiesty, they tend to be reactive and quick......and I suddenly went "there is NOTHING wrong with my fiery nature! It IS me!" In almost an instant everything shifted for me. I ceased trying to present as the "buddha on the mountaintop", as I often described it....and I embraced my Aires nature. (I am also fortunate that my moon and rising are the same sign, which tends to make authenticity a bit easier than if they were different signs - I will explain that in a bit.) I allowed myself to be me. I gave myself that permission. And what emerged was amazing. Well.......I'll be honest, at first it kind of sucked. I gradually lost most of my clientele. They wanted the buddha on the mountaintop persona and someone telling them that anger was ok and a normal part of being human, didn't sit well. A handful of my clients stuck around and are still around to this day. I found that they were the ones that were a little more willing to embrace ALL of their own humanness. I gradually rebuilt my practice into one that felt authentic and congruent with who I was. And that really had everything to do with the acceptance of myself that came with learning a bit of astrology.

This past year I started learning about another aspect of astrology - the nodes. The south node is what we are born into. The north node is the path that we are moving towards through this lifetime. As we grow, we will fall back on our south is safety to us, it is is often where our habits will lie. And we will continually be presented with opportunities that invite us to step into our north node. When I learned that my north node is in Aquarius, I was overjoyed. The south node will be opposite the north node on the astrology wheel, so it made my south node in Leo. This all made so much sense. Over the past few years I have really been trying to crawl out from under the overhang of caring what others thought, about worrying so much about my presentation to the world and how I present, to not give a fuck if people like me as long as I am being true to myself and my path. All of the things that I wanted to shed were more relative to my Leo.......and where I wanted to go definitely is Aquarius. So once again, learning a bit of astrology was really helpful.

Then another step came and it was one that brought even greater clarity. A dear friend had gifted me a really cool astrology planner for the year by Chani. Through some of the processes in the beginning of the planner, I learned that MOST of my chart is fire. The next closest is air. (air and fire together! OOMMMPPPPHHH!) I actually. have very little earth and practically no water signs in my chart. And I learned that Mars rules my chart! Once much clarity.........I am fiery, I tend to enjoy conflict, I am not very grounded (I have learned how to be, and it can still be a struggle), and I tend to not like to feel a lot of the emotions emotionally.........(I tend to run them through my physical body, which is actually very common....because emotions are HARD. It also brought clarity to herbal medicine and my I tend to run hot and dry (fire and air), and most things that I tend to deal with tend to be of a hot and dry nature (inflammatory asthma, occasionally headaches). Astrology has really been a helpful support in bringing clarity and acceptance.

I am excited to share a bit of guidance for you to explore and bring in to your own life.

First off, if you have never done your natal chart, I recommend doing so. Without it, this article probably won't be of much help or interest. There are different ways to go about doing this. You can choose to find someone well versed in astrology and hire their services to do a natal chart for you. This is probably optimal because you will be able to enter into a conversation with them and get more information than you would from an ap or a website. With that said, there is nothing wrong with using a well laid out website or an ap. It is the route I use and works just fine for my purposes thus far.

Cafe Astrology is a website that offers free natal charts. Time Passages is an ap you can put on your phone which will continue to update with changes that occur. Chani is another ap that you can use, although the free one doesn't provide a ton of information - but for the purposes of a natal chart, works just fine.

You will need to know your birthdate (Obviously!), your birth time, and the location of your birth. You enter these in whichever ap or website you are using and you will get your birth chart....and probably an overwhelming amount of information!

The things I pay attention to:

Sun sign (obviously)

Moon sign (this is our hidden self, our shadow side, the side of us that we rarely show to the world)

Rising sign or Ascendant (this is our personality, how we show up in the world, and what we show to others.)

South Node (the lessons, the wisdom, and the baggage you were we are born with)

North Node (where you are going in this lifetime, your path, the energy you will need to harness in this lifetime)

You can certainly go more in depth if you like, but finding out those things about yourself can provide a wealth of information.

I noted above that sometimes we have double signs. Sometimes our sun in the same as our rising or moon. Sometimes our moon and rising are the same sign. I find that when the rising (our outward self) and our moon (our hidden self) are the same, congruency in how we feel and how we act just comes a bit more naturally. Someone who has a fire sign like Aires as they're rising, with a water sign like Cancer as their going to flow through life differently than someone who has Cancer as rising and and moon, or Aire as both rising and moon.

I hope the brief little bit I have shared with you here is helpful. Take some time exploring the basics of your natal chart and see where it takes you.

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