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Salve Pre-Order

I am doing a pre-order for my two most loved salves. I have made many formulations over the years, and these two have been a solid.

Rock Fish Relief & Wicked Ease

2 ounce tins

$20 each with free shipping.

I am making a small batch of each, so quantities are limited. If you would like to order for delivery towards the end of July, or the beginning of August, please head over to my website and place your order by July 15.

☀️Golden milk update: I am waiting on one order of honey to come in, and then the golden milk election very production will be underway. So everyone who ordered, will have there soon. If you have not yet ordered, you can still place a pre-order.

Very soon, these items should be regularly in stock and able to be ordered by all patrons in sight members.

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