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Let me tell you a story about ripples.

While I was in a dentist appointment today, my husband texted me hinting that he would enjoy some chinese food from a local restaurant. I granted his request, cuz despite my pirate like demeanor, I can actually be quite nice……

I ventured into the establishment and when I approached the counter, the man working there commented on my necklace, and asked if it was amethyst. This necklace was beautifully crafted by my friend Liz and it is just one of many of the amazing pieces of jewelry I am honored to have in my life. (This is pertinent because this is a story about ripples and this is where this one begins….although to be fair, we could probably trace it all the way back through history until the beginning of time - if there is a beginning - and take into account all of the countless moments that occurred everywhere on earth - and probably in the universe- to create a time period where Liz and I would meet and so on and so forth…’s quite vast when you really start to look at it.).........I asked him what astrological sign he was, because despite my living in this “realm of woo”, I don’t store ALL the information I could in my brain. He told me he was an Aquarius. I shared that I have an Aquarius son (although I saved the part of sharing that my North Node is in Aquarius, because after all I was just ordering chinese food and didn’t want to get into a lesson in astrology). I said they are one of my favorite astrological signs and I love how they march to the beat of their own drum. He said “yes….and I dont like conflict. I avoid it. I try and take the path of least conflict and do the kind thing, and he thinks its a good thing because it tends to bring more happiness to the world.” I smiled and said that my son was very similar…….and that he didn’t waste his time with much interest in what others were doing, and does what feels good to him and go where his interests are and that has served him quite well.

I then ordered.

10 minutes later I went back to pick up my food and the man, with a huge smile on his face presented me with two bags each with happy sweet drawings on them. And he watched to see how I responded to his flipping around the bags with a flare and a joyful “tada!” I smiled of course and thanked him.

And then I got in my car, still smiling, and pondered on the ripples.

Little moments like that are moments of connection. They can shift the entire trajectory of someone’s day. There is a connection to the heart that occurs (and you may argue with this and say ……oh thats sappy and grasping……and that is ok for you to think…..however I feel that would be incorrect……and it doesnt matter if we agree or disagree because I am not you and you are not me and that’s what makes the world cool and unique and fascinating). A simple moment sparked by a comment on my amethyst necklace made by Liz brought about a distinctive and noticeable shift in my energy and day……and I am pretty sure in this man as well, who was a perfect stranger to me, yet shared we shared a moment of connection. And who knows where those ripples continue to flow.........I know that with a shift in my day that brought this little moment of connection, I am in a better mood, I am smiling more, and therefore every person I interact with will have a different experience of me....which changes their experience of the day....and so on and so forth.

These things matter.

These things matter most of all.

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