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Partnerships Return....for real this time.

A while back I offered Partnerships and they worked incredibly well for my clientele and for myself. Earlier this year, I shifted over to online single session booking. In some ways, this worked well and in others, it did not.

The Partnerships brought a structure and a consistency that over time, I have come to see are very important in one's journey. This is especially highlighted in anyone that is dealing with Lyme & Co or any sort of chronic condition. Thus, I have decided to bring them back into my practice beginning in October.

What is a Partnership?

A Partnership is a commitment between practitioner and client to work together to support the client in moving towards greater wellness and well being. It is generally a 6 month long commitment, which creates structure, routine, and accountability. This structure has proven to be very important in continuing to more forward with consistency towards wellness.

What is offered within a Partnership?

There are different. kinds of Partnerships offered.

In general, each Partnership includes a monthly appointment/session along with the supports that are relevant to each particular Partnership.

Partnerships do require a contractual commitment to work together for the specified time period, and do also include a reduced per session cost.

Partnerships also include priority scheduling. I will reach out to each client at the end of the month to either remind them to schedule through the booking ap, or to offer to schedule them. (THIS has shown to be incredibly an incredibly valuable offering, keeping things on track.)

Who are Partnerships for?

Partnerships can be for anyone. They are particularly important for those with Lyme & Co and other chronic conditions. They are also important for anyone wishing to have the support to make true and lasting changes in their lives.

Who qualifies for a Partnership?

There are limited numbers of Partnerships available. This insures that clients get the best care and attention to their individual cases.

There are currently 4 Partnership Spaces Available.

Past Partnership-Clients and current clientele have priority.

For new clientele, there is an interview process to help determine if a Partnership is right for you and if we are a good fit to work together.

Will you still offer individual sessions and online booking?

Yes! Sessions and consultations are still available and can be scheduled right through my website. These are a good choice for those that may not want the additional support that Partnerships offer or for those that do not desire regularly timed sessions.

To request an interview or a Partnership please email me at

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