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One ring to.....confirm the presence of magic in the world.

Some of you that have known me for a while may remember the story of my high school ring. For those that don't, or those that don't remember (because let's face's cool to me because it's my story.....I don't expect it to be anything more than a nice story that makes someone smile a bit, to anyone else) I will share it briefly again....and then share why I am even sharing this in the first place......because what does a high school ring have anything to do with health, wellness, or the things you specialize it? doesn't. Not directly. It does, however, share a little story of magic afoot in the world, and that things are so much more than they appear, and that there is so much we don't yet know, which really brings about the need for trust....and if all trust is self trust (Yes, I believe this and can talk about it another time), well....then this story does have everything to do with health and wellness and the things I specialize in................

A few years ago, in the midst of the pandemic, someone that I had went to high school with reached out to me saying he thought someone found my class ring. He shared the details about how a woman's brother had been metal detecting on a California beach and found a class ring, did some research with the information on the ring, and posted about it on some old forum from the ring company. I thought it was a joke at first, but soon found out it wasn't.

Here's the weird part, and to me it's not even the weirdest part...........

About a year or two after I graduated, I lost my class ring. I know exactly the moment that it happened. I was screwing around with friends at the beach at night, (we used to go over the mountain to Santa Cruz often for bonfires, punk rock shows, and other shenanigans) and did this dancing twirl and pointed at the ocean. When I did, my ring flew off and out into the great Pacific. I didnt even bother looking for it. I knew it was gone and just sort of went, "Oh well, I guess that's how that goes."

The day the person from my high school contacted me, (and this to me is the weirder part, which is going to get a heck of a lot more weirder, and more magical as you read on all the way to the end) I happened to find my dad's baby book. It literally fell off the bookshelf and onto my head. I didn't even know that I had it. I am sure at some point I must have known, because I am certainly the one who put it there. But I had really forgotten all about it. I browsed through it fascinated, and found a lock of my dad's hair from his first haircut. He was about 1 year of age. He had super curly hair so it was this perfect curl tucked into vellum paper and taped to the book. This I don't recall ever seeing before.

The other thing about the day the book fell on my head was that it was my dad's birthday.

Ok so why is that weird......books fall out of bookshelves all the's a zany world....why are you talking about this one.....are you ok?

Well, the tie in that makes it significant is that my dad was the one who bought me the class ring. It was actually he who insisted I have it and that I would really appreciate having it one day. So to me, this was a direct connection to him. At least that is what I choose to believe it was at the time.

And regardless....the mere fact that my ring was found on a beach 30 something years after I lost it in the Pacific Ocean and it made its way back to me instead of into a pawn shop, is pretty freaking amazing in itself.

So why now......why the story now............

Well.......I tucked the ring away someplace safe. And you know how that often goes......"Oh I will put it here because I will NEVER forget this place, because it's so special.".......and then we forget. Old Story, I know.

I tucked the ring away. Then we moved. And I still have things packed up that I haven't unpacked yet. I had only thought about the ring maybe once or twice and really had no clue where I had put it.

So last week, I was looking through an old jewelry box where I Have all sorts of things stashed. This isn't something I open that often, at least not all of the drawers in it. It was a gift that I was given from my favorite aunt on my dad's side. Aunt Evenlyn. She was a zany lady who always had this vibrancy and sparkle to her. When other people in the family were in their 70s and 80s they would sit around and talk about politics and science (my dad's family all went into the field of science), she would be out ballroom dancing. She was my favorite and after I moved to Maine, before she died I would call her and just ask her to tell me stories about when she was younger and some of her adventures. It was how I saw insuring that she lived on in some way. I loved those stories.

Back to the jewelry box (I can get a little distracted) the box, underneath papers and trinkets and knick knacks, I found the ring!

Ok what's the big deal? You misplaced your ring, you found's not that's not special.........AHHHHHHHH but it is......because it is, like all things in the realm of magic - which really is just the perceiving of things like patterns and nuances and temporal lines (ok none of that is just a "just") is about the timing of it.

You see, I found the ring.........

and then my brother contacted me the next day to tell me that my father's ashes were all packed up and ready to be shipped out and he was heading to the post office the next day.

The sending of my father's ashes to Maine was something we had discussed for a while, and I knew that I had set things in motion with that because the previous month I had ordered the cremation shipping kit from the post office and had it shipped to my brother........

so someone could look at this story that I feel is a definite connection to my father to the ring to a situation of "you see what it is you want to see."

AND....I actually completely agree with that. While I do love symbolism and things relating to things, and I do not believe in coincidences....I also think we like to make up story and we see what we want to see because what we want to see makes us comfortable ----even when it is something that makes us uncomfortable, because then we can prove we were RIGHT! And oh how we like to do that (stems from our sense of worthiness.....and again that is another subject for another time)...........But I do choose to believe that the appearance of my ring timed with my dads soon to arrive ashes.........does absolutely connect. AND I also hold a space for the fact that I am seeing what I want to see....and I feel that is a perfectly fine and acceptable thing to do.

Sometimes when I am feeling a bit shaky in my worthiness....and feeling a bit dismayed at the state of the world.....I remember this whole story about the ring.......and I feel better and I find myself leaning more into that magic with the knowledge that sometimes we just have to catch up to those moments in time.........that are beautifully aligned in the most magical way.

So for lack of a better word.......I do absolutely believe it is magic!

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