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November 2022

Chronic conditions ALWAYS have patterns to them. In fact, most of the things we deem "issues", be it a physical condition, a condition of mental unrest, or something that lies more in the emotional realm, all have patterns to them. Through awareness of the patterns, we can begin to bring clarity to the underlying aspects of our "issues". In November, we will explore these patterns, bring clarity to them, and explore possibilities of shifting them.

This is a BIG subject and one that is central to my private practice work. While I cannot cover all of it, I hope to provide you with some tools to serve as a foundation to your further explorations. We will explore energetic work, emotional work, and flower essences. We will also look at some herbs that can help to support a solid foundation so that we can better surf the waters of change.

I hope you will join me.

If you are not part of the Auditoria or Repository Plans, and wish to be, please visit the Pricing Plans under Alchemy for The People, where you will find sign up options.

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