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Nice / Kind. There is a huge difference.

As I flow into the new year, I find my attention going to my own word of the year, which has changed three times and finally settled on EMPOWERMENT. It has me looking at things through a different lens and noticing all of the choice points that invite me to step into my own empowerment, or give my power away. AND yes, this absolutely has to do with the theme of the month, which is on Intuition......because quite truthfully, as I have said many times.....intuition, we all have it. We dont notice it because of our own lack of self trust, which is rooted in worthiness and empowerment. I hope these writings poke a little bit and invite some things to step forward in your own lives.


There's a huge difference between being nice and being kind.

Being nice comes from a place of unworthiness.... from a place of needing to be needed, needing to be liked. When someone doesn't need us, or like us, it shakes our whole world. We get defensive, blamey, or victimy. This is a protective and defensive habit from early childhood rooted in "not good enough. "

Being kind comes from a place of empowerment. It is standing in who you are. It is being relatively neutral. It is a choice.

This is something I and many people I know are still learning. It's not easy.

(I have always been the nice girl...... doing things I felt off about because I was given the message that it was the right thing to do, which was putting others before underlying reason for autoimmune conditions that I carried for much of my life. - the physical body gives you huge messages! If we listen.)

Ask yourself ...... is this a choice coming from a place of empowerment OR is it a habit coming from a place of lack?

All we have to do is slow down a bit and observe ourselves.

This is big work. Hard work. So be gentle with yourself and others.

I promise it's worth it.

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