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MTHFR Mutation and Lyme & Co.

What is MTHFR ?

MTHFR stands for methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase. That’s a HUGE word!

When we use the term MTHFR we are often referring to a fairly common gene mutation. The MTHFR gene is what is responsible for the instructions for creating the enzyme called methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase. This enzyme is an important part of processing amino acids. When there are variations in this gene, it may cause too much homocysteine to build up in the blood, which it can lead to certain disorders. There are different MTHFR variants, which mean a change in the DNA sequence that is different from the expected sequence.

MTHFR is a huge subject and I am focusing on one aspect in this post. This is it’s hinderance of the body’s detoxifying process with regards to Lyme & Co.

MTHFR mutation hinders the body’s detoxing process, which is where it’s focus in regards to Lyme & Co comes in. Sometimes people dealing with Lyme & Co, begin to improve wellness wise, and then sort of plateau at a certain point. They don’t seem to improve regardless of efforts made. This suggests the presence of MTHFR mutation. It may be recommended that they get tested for MTHFR mutations. This can often be determined by looking at the medical history of a person, but certain tests can also be done to check homocysteine levels. It can also often be determined by VCS testing. VCS is a simple eye test, that is available online. A VCS test can indicate how certain biotoxins may be affecting the brain and retinal artery blood flow. It can indicate the likely presence of MTHFR mutations.

What is happening in regards to Lyme & Co with the MTHFR, is that people struggle to detox the die off from microbes in their systems. This results in raised toxicity levels as microbe levels lower. Sometimes people with MTHFR mutations go through cycles that continually repeat until additional detoxifying measures are brought in. After detoxing measures are employed, they get back to their improvement cycles.

When there is an MTHFR mutation, the body doesn’t detox well and needs some extra support. The two best ways do to this are Epsom salt baths and/or Infrared saunas. Cleavers is an herb that supports the detoxing of the lymphatic system, which may also be helpful, but usually not necessary if detoxifying baths and/or saunas are done regularly. Once people begin to bring in supportive detoxing measures, they resume their improvement path. Often this might take a while, and they can feel worse after baths or saunas while toxins are stimulated and released. Gradually they improve and begin to feel better.

It is important to note that MTHFR mutations do not affect everyone in the same way. Some people may have more severe deficiencies of folate or B-12 as a result, which may affect them mildly or more severely.

Sometimes recommendations for supplementation in those with MTHFR mutations are suggested, such as folic acid, Vitamins B-6 and B-12, and %-MTHF. These may be helpful in some individuals.

This is a broad topic with a lot of information that can get very hard to wade through. My intention was to provide some basic information on MTHFR and it’s relation to Lyme & Co.

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