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Meet The Trees - Pine

Meet the Trees, Pine

Fun Facts

The genus Pinus comprises more than 90 species.

Pine are evergreen trees.

Pine are found mostly in the temperate zone of the northern hemisphere.

The needle like leaves are borne in bundles.

Male and Female cones grow on the same tree.The male cones are catkin-like and clustered. The female cones are cylindrical and nearly globose.

Practical Uses

Important timber trees.

Most of the seeds are edible and nutritious.

The longpole pine received it’s name because the Blackfoot, Dakota, Montana, Paiute, Cheyenne, and Thompson tribes mad their tipi frames from it’s wood.

Natural Healing

Pine nuts contain potassium, magnesium, and vitamin E.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, they are warm and sweet, tonify yin, and boost the circulation.

Needle preparations made for medicinal use *(salves, balms, teas, inhalations) are disinfectant, diuretic, and relaxing. They can soothe coughs, clear the hed of congestion, stimulate the lungs, and improve circulation.

The Bach Remedy of Pine enhances self-acceptance and strength. The tree essence helps to develop penetrating insight in a balanced way.

The Delta Gardens Red Pine Essence helps with commitment, loyalty, and certainty.

The Pinon Pine Essence helps to open doorways and enhance ceremonies in shamanic practices.

Myth & Symbolism

Symbolism: Vitality and continuity

Divine Association: Pan (Greek), Attis (Phrygian), Merlin (Celtic)

Astrological Association: Mars

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