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Lyme Versed

A short while ago I opened registration for Lyme Versed, my 2 part class on the subject of Lyme & Co. These classes have been in the creation process for a solid 6 months, perhaps a year. (I lose track sometimes). I really want to stress how important it is to become a bit Lyme Versed. For practitioners working with clientele, it is something I feel is essential. So many of the chronic conditions we see out there will have a Lyme & Co component to them. This class is also important for non-practitioners, so that IF something comes up in their lives, that may have a Lyme component, they will know how to advocate through the systems through which they may choose to seek care.

MOST of the allopathic community is not very well versed in Lyme disease, and when you look to the co-infections, they know next to nothing. Even in the holistic community, you won't find many practitioners truly versed in Lyme. You will find the ones that know a bit about it, or lean into protocols and formulations that have been created by others, such as Stephen Buhner and Chris Marano, but they don't really know about Lyme. AND if you don't know about Lyme, it is incredibly hard, and I feel irresponsible to attempt to work with it in a professional setting.

Too often I see practitioners throwing everything they can at Lyme, in the hopes that something sticks. When you start to understand these conditions, the microbes, and the constitution involved, it becomes really clear why the "germ-kill" approach is incredibly limited and why it only gets people so far.

And this used to be the way I looked at these conditions. Until I learned differently.

Which is where flower essences came into my life in a way that just kind of flowed on in, like most very important things do.

Flower essences and their approach to Lyme & Co, along with some research and exploring the microbes themselves, flipped my perspective on its head.

These were not things to go out and kill, but rather things to establish a more balanced and symbiotic relationship with, so that we both can co-habit the body.

I don't meet many people who grasp this, practitioners or otherwise.

AND....I certainly don't know all there is to know about Lyme & Co.....nor do I know every approach. What I do know is that with the approach that I work with, my clients get better. Sometimes it takes a while, sometimes it's faster. Overall, they learn to live healthy with Lyme & Co and learn how to address things when they do come up.

It is my hope that these classes will provide some basic foundational education on Lyme & Co, and also give a doorway into a new perspective. I will share lots of information, including information about my own work, which to me is the real treasure trove.

My intention is to create more Lyme Versed people out there. This will lead to more practitioners that are able to help people who are dealing with Lyme - and trust me, there are way more than you might thing. (Also a side note........there are MANY similarities in the work with Lyme & Co with the more recent "That which should not be named" than you might realize. My work with Lyme has allowed me to better support my clients dealing with the "dont talk about it" thing.

People don't know they need to learn about Lyme because they don't know much about Lyme. By the time they need to know about Lyme, they are usually pretty sick, overwhelmed, and unable to process the information very well.

From a practitioner standpoint........learn about Lyme and you will more than likely have a thriving practice.


There are still spaces in these classes. Please sign up soon, as space is limited. IF you are part of The Auditoria ($10 a month) or The Repository ($33 a month) plans, you can write to me to get a coupon code to use to get 20% off the cost of the classes.

Classes will be recorded for those that cannot attend the live and will be able to be viewed for one week post class date. Each class will also come with a robust pdf to serve as a guide and reference.

To sign up please visit Lyme Versed.

I hope to see you there!

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