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January 2023, Intuition & Kinesiology

Intuition & Kinesiology

Intuition is that inner knowing. It is always present and always guiding you in the direction that best suits you. The tricky part is we don't often hear it or know what it is under after. Have you ever said "Oh, dang! I KNEW that would happen?" or "I knew I felt something weird?" or even "I knew I shouldn't have eaten that?" This is that inner voice. When you just can't shake a "certain feeling" and have visceral responses that you try to ignore, blaming them on your busy mind, that is often intuition that has gotten tangled with mental body. The more we begin to listen and trust that inner knowing, the more clarity we will have, and the less we will spin circles with our minds and stories.

This month we will explore how to amplify that inner voice so that we can better hear its guidance in the moment. We will connect it to the physical body and explore developing markers, which is a very easy way to begin to develop self-trust with this art, that is innately within us all. I will share some kinesiology methods and some other helpful tools - some of which I have touched on before, but this time I will touch on them with this angle - Developing trust in our inner knowing.

This realm is foundational to energy work.

I look forward to sharing this with you.

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