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Is it Lyme?

We often hear of Lyme being referred to as "The Great Imitator", mimicking other disorders. The question I pose is often sort of a "what came first? chicken or egg?". Many of the "disorders" that Lyme is said to mimic are NOT diseases in themselves. They are a collection of symptoms that is given a name. This in no way indicates their causes. It's a best guess. Even our "diseases", we often don't have definitive knowledge on whether or not they are absolutely caused by A THING.

I have always looked at patterns. When I work with people, one of the things that I work at is trying to expand and see the different patterns, which take into account physical, emotional, spiritual, mental, and energetic. With regards to "disorders", I always feel there are far more pieces to the puzzles than we actually see. That Lyme & Co (And EBV) are often pieces to these puzzles, gives room to question are they part of the main roots here?

We don't have good testing available across the board. Not with Lyme, not with many things. We often find A THING that we may confirm through A TEST, and then we grab onto that and let the rest drop by the wayside. There are always reasons for manifestations of physical disorders, and while those include the physical, they also include all other aspects of self. We are made up of microbes. We are more microbe cocktail than we are self, so it also gives rise to look at the symbiotic relationships.

I always encourage people to continue questioning. Please don't rely on tests. Please don't let the ball drop and everything hang on one diagnosis or one persons interpretation of your collection of patterns. Things are usually much simpler and far more elaborate than we think they are. Science is always changing. Look to it as a guide for what is known now and realize that it could change at any time.

Educate. Advocate. Explore.

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