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Incongruence Detector AKA Lie Detector

I will begin by saying that this is not a process to be used lightly. It is a process best reserved for those that have developed some degree of self trust with their intuition and markers. If that has not developed, this process can lead to all sorts of issues…….so use it wisely.

There are various forms of the lie detector taught by different people in books, online, etc. I have read and experimented with many of them and have come up with my own that suits my purposes. And truly it is not something that I invoke its use of very often. Although I will say that when it is needed, it proves to be very helpful.

This is a process that is best done with the assistance of another person, at first. It’s really quite simple.

Here’s how to start.

Sit with another person, preferably someone you trust and who is open to the more woo woo etheric things.

Check YOUR energy. Notice how you feel. And in particular, how does your heart feel.

Now ask them to tell you something that is true. Something you may not know. And preferably something that is not so subjective…….like an apple is red, when you know darn well and apple can also be green or yellow. (It may be trickier than you think)

Notice YOUR energy. Does anything change? Does it remain the same? Do you notice - see, hear, smell, taste, etc anything different with being told a truth? (You may or may not)n. I personally do NOT have much change when someone is telling me the truth. Nothing lights up that feels off. Things are congruent.

Now ask them to tell you a lie.

Check YOUR energy. What changes? What is your heart doing? Do you feel anything different in your body? Do you SEE anything that lights up?

Practice this exercise again and again and you will eventually get a clear marker in your body when you are being told something that is not true that is being presented as a truth.

For me, I see purple little lines with circles on the end…..almost like balloons, but also not like balloons, when someone is lying to me. It is not always obvious until I slow down and check and ask……..and then it will light up. And it all starts with that FEELING that something isn’t matching up, something is off, which is an incongruence in the flow of the energy.

I believe that what we are picking up is the incongruence between what is being presented, and the energy. It doesn’t match. A truth will have a solid flow that matches with the delivery, the body posture, and the vibration coming forth. A lie will not. It will have something that just doesn’t feel right….sort of a kink in the flow. And how this looks to everyone, will be different based on how you do the work - which sensory channel is the strongest for you. So perhaps to call it a lie detector is a bit off………(continue reading)….its better to call it an incongruence check perhaps.

Now where it gets a little bit tricky is in what lies in our own stuff….and this is where I say you have to be very careful.

What is a lie to us?

Is it an outright untruth? Is it a partial truth? Is it details being left out?

It is important to know what a lie is to you. Otherwise all sorts of things may flow in, or not flow in and it can get very confusing and we may start throwing out accusations and wind up in a big tangled unpleasant sort of mess.

It is also incredibly important to have a baseline of your own energy. Know your energy. How do you do that? You get very familiar with it. You check in often. You slow down. You listen. And you practice. Again and again and again and again…in all sorts of ways. Essentially, you practice paying attention to what is going on in your body, your thoughts, your emotions, your field, etc.

Eventually it will become a bit more second nature and may be as simple as “something doesn’t feel right? What is this about?” And your marker may pop up.

Have fun practicing this little development exploration….and use it wisely.

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