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In Person Sessions August through October now available

Listening to guidance and following by stepping. Ive had a handful of people I am not connected to on social media, reach out this week to request person sessions with me....and had a handful of people on social media respond to my post of possibly considering this.

I will be opening to in person sessions on Wednesdays at my clinic/office space in Cherryfield, Maine from August through October. In Person sessions are ONLY OPEN TO PEOPLE I KNOW PERSONALLY or are connected to through a mutual friend who has referred them. (My space is at my house, so Im very discerning here.)

Sessions may be energetic work or they may be flower essence sessions, depending upon what is requested/needed. Additional supports may be offered at an extra cost ( I keep it very reasonable). If I happen to get a big enough response I will consider opening another weekday. but right now it's Wednesdays only.

You can book through my online booking ap at my website:

A $50 deposit is required to book online with the remainder being due at the time of the session. If someone can't do this, reach out and we can talk about it.

You can also book in advance, which I recommend doing if you think you will want regular sessions. In late October/November I will be going back to distance sessions only through winter.

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Hi Jen, what’s the best way to refer people for distance sessions? I have a couple of clients who could benefit from your flower essence work 😊


Hello there. WelL I just discovered the comments area of my blog..........which is both a delightful surprise and also shocking given I have quite a few comments I have not addressed from long ago....My apologies! The best way to refer people is to send them a link to my website services area and that way they can see what I offer. I usually recommend people booking New Client Chats first off, especially if they are not familiar with the way that I workk. I hope that helps and I thankyou sincerely for the referalls!

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