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Gauging Interest in Live Events

Tossing out this idea.....and perhaps I should just make the leap and implement it, but I like to get a feel of interest beforehand.

The idea is to hold a monthly live discussion with Q&A via zoom, open to ALL Patrons and Web Plan Members. There would likely be a specific subject, which ALL Patrons and Plan Members could submit requests for and a Q & A period to bring questions on this subject or anything else to the gathering....or it could just be a spontaneous open gathering and we see how it flows.

It would likely take place on a weekday evening.

This is a fun way to learn, get direction, and be supported by me and other's in a growing community of holistic interested folks.

I'd appreciate the input.

Thank you!

What Say Ye about a Monthly Live Gathering?

  • Yes! I'm totally interested!

  • I am interested, but it would depend on the dates/times

  • I'm NOT interested and would not participate.

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