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Flow for The New Year

Sometimes I think of flow as smoke, whispy tendrils swirling and spiraling, shifting with the gentlest of wind. Sometimes I think of flow as water, shaping itself around the things in it's path, sometimes taking those things with it. Other times I think of flow as oil, which moves in a thick, viscus way.....slower. And still there are times I look to things like glass and stone....things that we "THINK" are solid, to realize that they just move at a different pace than we do.

The Aires in me, which by the way sort of runs the whole makeup of who I am, likes the smoke.....I am highly charged, very sensitive, and quick to react. These are all good things that create a lot of movement. really is my Capricorn sun that helps to keep me more grounded and reminds me that although stones move differently, they still move.

I also am not a huge fan of structure. I flow like smoke and wind and flame. AND.......the solid foundation that structure can provide me, is helpful.

Given all of this, I have set up a structure for how my Patreon will flow and I am going to do my gosh darned best to stick to it! I have many tendrils of my work and I have a fabulous new thing that I will be launching soon........and it is helpful for me to pull all of the pieces together and say....ok how are we going to do this ALL?

So...........for 2024, Patreon will flow as such......(or at least this is my plan!)

The Parlor Blog (weekly post)

  • One post about something in the realm of herbal medicine/health

  • One post about something in the realm of flower essences/health

  • One musing about whatever I feel inspired to ramble about

  • One post that will be an invitation for exploration

The Auditoria Classroom

  • Access to the Parlor Blog

  • Access to the Auditoria Archives

  • Access to new Auditoria classes that are periodically uploaded

The Repository Gift Tier

  • Access to The Parlor Blog and Archives of The Auditoria Classroom

  • One gift shipped to you each month

  • One recipe in a collectable printable format

  • Access to all five 10 Minute Alchemy Courses (upon request)

Additionally, I am hoping to continue to offer group flower essence healing sessions that will be open to all paying Patreon Members (yes, even the $1 tier).

Watch for a new developement that I plan to share about soon, and launch in February. I'll give you a's for folks that have wanted to learn with me in a deeper, more intimate format, but also have busy lives, and are not looking to spend a bunch of money on a new exploration. I got ya covered! Stay Tuned!

Thank you for your continued support in my small business, my work, and in the growing Earth Kin Community!

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