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Exploring The Energies of a Space

Exploring The Energies of a Space

What I speak of in this piece, are my own experiences with the energies of a space (AKA Haunted houses). It is by no means conclusive, it is simply the experiences and methods that I have experienced to teach from, and beliefs from those experiences that appear to be real. There are many ways to do this work. This is a sharing of mine.

When most people think of exploring a space that they believe to have energies attached to it, IE haunted spaces, they visualize burning sage, throwing salt, and putting up talismans.

While elements of this may be included in my space work, these alone fall short of bringing any sort of resolution to activity from the other side of the veil. I treat a space like I would treat a person. There are energies there and there are reasons for these energies to be active enough for individuals sensitive enough to perceive. There is a story and an ask for some sort of help or support.

I believe that things flow into our lives because they are supposed to, for reasons far beyond what we decide are the reasons. I believe that people flow into our lives due to a matching of resonance or vibration, and to go further than that stripped down reason, sends me into story, trying to make up reasons why that is, which I truly can never know and certainly struggle talking about, because it is bigger than me and it involves things I don’t necessarily understand, even though I experience them. In this realm, I usually find it easier to observe, witness, and experience.

Spaces with energies attached flowing into our lives are no different than people. They are NOT the spaces themselves, but the energies contained with it. My experience has led me to believe that these energies are people who have died. So with that belief, it is no different than a session with a living person. It is a session of sorts with someone that is no longer here in the physical form, but seems to still be here. I will make a note that I have had experiences on picking up emotional type imprints in spaces as well. I do not know if these always are attached to a person who is no longer living.

Some Guidance Based on My Experiences

I mentioned above that if energies in a space are making themselves known, they have something that needs witnessing. Through that witnessing, a story may begin to unfold. The main role of the person being called to explore the energies of a space is to witness.

2 People.

When I explore energetically active spaces, I often bring someone with me who is also experienced with this realm. It helps to have two people present, as it can be really easy to believe you are “making it all up” or “it’s all in your head”. Having another person there allows you to both share what information you are receiving and picking up on, helps to piece the story together, and also helps to bring some sort of clarity as to why the energies are making themselves known. (It also helps you realize you aren’t crazy and what you are experiencing is indeed real.)

Grounding Talisman.

I always have a grounding sort of talisman that I keep with me. Something I can keep in my pocket or put in my hand. It is a material object that serves to ground me in this world. The talisman I carry when exploring spaces is a piece of jet that I have had for a very long time. Jet is known as the “Witches Protection Stone” and it brings me a sense of grounding, protection, and safety.

These are the only two things I bring when exploring a space. I do not bring salt or sage. I do not enter into a space with the intention of telling something that is there clearly asking for support, to just get the heck out, not without hearing what it is they need and how I can be of help. I sincerely believe that when I am called to a particular place or house (And I have my own unique way of knowing when it is a true call), that there is something I can help with, something that resonates with me in particular, hence why I am called.

Before I explore a space with active energies, I first make sure that I clear and ground myself. For this I may use sage, but I tend to do an energetic chakra check in, clearing, and balancing before I enter.

I want the owers or renters of the property to be present. I want to hear what experiences they have had and if there are any particular spaces in the home that seem to be most active. This is not always necessary, as the energies will present themselves. It can sometimes be helpful as giving a bit of background and knowing where to begin.

Next I go through the house, slowly and quietly and I listen. I feel in my own body. I listen to that third eye type hearing, and watch with the mind’s eye type sight. I move from room to room wherever it is that I am drawn. I notice what I feel there. Is it hot? Cold? Does it feel different? What emotions pop up? What visuals or auditory information come through? What emotions come up? What do you feel in your own body? And so on……..

I am incredibly psychically sensitive through a variety of channels, so all of this comes fairly easy to me. If someone who wasn’t as psychically sensitive were to explore a space, the information may not flow through in as fine detail, however, it should still be possible to get a general sense of areas of the space.

Are there rooms you feel more comfortable in? Are there rooms that you don’t feel comfortable in? Do you have a sense of ease or unease in any particular area?

If you get a sense of unease, pause. This is usually where the energies are the most active. Remember your talisman.

When I hit on a space that feels “different” from other areas, I pause. I listen. I may ask, what is here that needs witnessing? And then I listen again.

If it is clear what is needed, and it is something that I can do, I do that. OFten it is just watching a replay of something that happened in the past - which is usually the reason the entities are hanging around. When these scenarios present themselves, witnessing is usually enough. There may be times where something more is asked. If it is something that is within my abilities AND comfort zone (IT MUST BE BOTH), I honor that need/ask. If it is not, I explain that.

I go through the entire house like this. I visit rooms more than once. I feel (listen, hear, feel, etc) for the energies to change. And eventually there comes a sort of wrap up, or conclusion. The information settles, the energies get less active, and things slow or stop flowing.

This is when I know that the work/witnessing has gone as far as it will go at that time.

I then spend some time chatting with the owners/renters that live in the house and share my experiences and findings. Often there is confirmation from them.. They might say “YES! That is the room that always felt weird.” or share something historically that happened in a space where I experienced unease.

There have been several occasions where the owners of homes have taken my findings and checked it against historical records of the house, to find further confirmation. This is always exciting and brings further confirmation for myself and the house occupants. Because no matter how many times I do this, and how clear the information is, there is always something in the back of my head saying “Oh this isn’t real.”.

A question that often comes up is “What if you experience an evil energy?”

I truly have not experienced anything that I would deem “evil”. I have encountered energies that felt a little bit sinister, and often the background as to why this is, reveals itself. Often the energies that might feel scary are actually grieving. They may appear with anger and ferocity, and when this happens, I make my energy VERY VERY BIG - bigger than the energy I am working with. This is often enough to break the ferocity and open more information flow as to what is underneath. I have only had one experience where there was an energy that had a particular sinister type vibe. It felt uneasy AND both myself and the person that was with me experienced the same vibe. This also turned out to be an energy that did not want to engage with us at all. So we left it alone and it left us alone. Could something more scary actually happen if you engage with sinister type energies? I really don’t know. Possibly. And it’s something that I prefer not to get too deep into exploring. Energies that want my support are usually fairly easy to engage.

So that’s pretty much some basic guidance given through my own experiences in exploring the energies of a space. My experiences may be similar to others or they may be completely different.

To sum it up - if I am called to a space, I believe it is because there is something that I can be of support to. I go to the space and see how I can best support.

Keep an eye out for more blog posts on this theme as well as some videos which will be in The Auditoria of some of my experiences. AND don’t forget to check out the new Meeting Place, where members can engage in conversation about this and other subjects.

Happy Exploring!

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