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CV Chronicled - The Entering

I knew something was up last Friday, 4 or 5 days before I would develop the first symptoms. I didn't feel right. I could feel symptoms of hypertension in my body in a way that was familiar and yet foreign. The symptoms started abruptly and had no obvious origin. In the past, I have responded to extreme stress with very specific presentation of symptoms of pressure in the head and eyes, sometimes head pain, a general feeling of spaciness, and the sensation that, on a cellular level, I am vibrating.. This was similar and yet different. Given we were experiencing big storms here in Maine, I blamed the barometric pressure, which can cause blood pressure to rise......however, this didn't feel quite right as atmospheric pressure had never done much aside from an occasional headache to me. This did felt like something of "other" that was creating this unease. I also began having heart palpitations and the electrical rhythm of. my heart beats felt out of sync.

I also noticed that our younger son began having sleep disturbances a day or two before these symptoms. He was tired during the day, and had taken several naps that week. At night he would just say "I can't sleep, but I dont know why. I just know I cant sleep". Before I started putting the pieces together, I thought that the lack of sleep from his unrest may have been a contributing factor to the things I was noticing in my vascular system.

Sunday, my. husband complained about being cold. Not just a. little bit chilly, but bone chilled and unable to warm up. All night he tossed and turned and shivered beneath blankets. Sometime in the middle of the night, I tuned in and asked what he had going on. The information I got back was "covid'. At about 4am, he got up, I went and took his temperature which was quite high. I then gave him a covid test, which turned positive before the liquid had even reached the control window.

I instantly knew that the vascular stuff I had been experiencing and my son's sleeplessness was all covid. We had the virus in our bodies, but it had yet decided what it was going to do, It felt as if the virus was creeping around, checking out various systems to see where the weak spots were, where it might best be able to creep in....or perhaps where it was needed to creep in, dig up, excavate to clear and repair. And these are likely one and the same.

Covid goes to the weak spots. It is very similar to Lyme, Babesia, Bartonella, EBV, etc in this respect. And while many may not subscribe to this idea, I believe that chronic conditions come about to shift a balance, to force us to address and look at things we are resistant to, and to move us further along our path of healing.

Covid, like all illnesses is a teacher. Some would say it is a great teacher, others would declare it a horrible one. I would say they are one in the same and it is a matter of where we are on our journey and how rigid or flexible we are with our perspective, and how strong we wish to grasp at the reality that we think we know.

Chronicled Wellness:

Upon the symptoms of increased hypertension, I did monitor my blood pressure, which I found to be slightly elevated. I brought in supports of Hawthorn tincture and a hypertension blend from David Hoffman's formulation which contains hawthorn, cramp bark, valerian, and a few other helpful allies. I increased my D3 to 10,000IU daily and Vitamin C to 2000mg daily. I also began using CV24, a flower essence blend from Delta Gardens. Symptoms of hypertension disappeared on Monday evening. On Tuesday evening, I began with the first severe presentation of more typical covid symptoms.

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