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CV Chronicled - It's the blood

I have been continuing to explore this subject to lean more ways to help improve my own health which will carry over to my work with clients and through teaching others. I do believe that this is why I had to get CV - which most days I am on board with, and others I am spending the day on the couch, sick with something else, another tendril, another manifestation, another piece of this grand puzzle (again, like a Scooby Doo Mystery - I wonder how things would have been had I not loved that genre of things so much as a child? What if I was more My Little Pony? HAHA)

Lately my research as drawn me to look at the blood and the evidence that covid causes something we refer to as "micro clots", which are actually different from normal blood clots. The micro clots seen with Covid are made up (almost fully) of abnormal types of fibrin. When these occur, which they do in most people with Covid(because the spike protein has the capability to change your clotting protein which is soluble, into these insoluble micro clots), there is widespread systemic inflammation inside the blood vessels. This means that oxygen transfer isn't happening as it should because the blood is damaged and thus the vascular function is compromised. Now many people that contract covid have this occurring during the acute phase and then waning after a few weeks. But for many, this sticks around and becomes more chronic.

If proper oxygen transfer isn't happening at it should, it can create problems throughout the entire body. You can end up with a whole host of problems, because nothing seems to work right. It is speculated that this micro clotting occurrence is what is behind the mast cell activation, the POTS, they thyroid issues, and the many other things that seem to creep (or sometimes pop) up in those dealing with continual issues post Covid.

There are two things that seem to be occurring in the blood with regards to the micro clots. The first is platelet hyper activation and the second is coagulation.

One of the things that has come up with regards to addressing this, is the use of anticoagulants. This is being explored with something called "Triple Anticoagulant" therapy, which is the administration of various blood thinning and anticoagulant drugs.

Finding this interesting, I started to explore more. natural alternatives. Naturally, I found a lot of information about low dose aspirin therapy. We know this is often recommended to individuals of a certain age by their physicians for aspirin's ability to thing the blood, thus possibly prevent issues such as clotting, stokes, heart attacks, and so on.

With regards to covid, it is not that simple. Aspirin can help, and we can probably turn to the herb white willow bark as an alternative (I have yet to dive in deep to this), because it can reduce platelet hyper activation. This is just one of the things that is contributing to the micro clots seen from Covid.

Aspirin, however, does not address the coagulation that is happening. According to Keith Ellis, PHD who is a scientist diving into this subject deeply, in a study done on Long Covid in individuals it was found that those using low dose aspirin therapy did have the result of normal platelets, but the micro clots remained. So aspirin can be part of the picture, but it's only half (And Im sure in reality it's like 1/10th because we only know what we know thus far).

Something else is needed that acts as an anticoagulant to break up or cease the forming of these micro clots. As I mentioned, there are drug therapies being tested with the use of multiple drugs that address both the platelet hyper activation and the coagulation. To just logically look at this, it absolutely could be something that is successful, some situations it could be detrimental.....pharmaceuticals are strong and fast acting. In the event of some sort of accident or occurrence where surgery may be needed, these can pose a huge problem and run the risk of bleeding issues.

I started exploring herbs that could serve as anticoagulants. The two that I have come up with that seem to be the best are turmeric and capsicum. These are both herbs that have actually had some decent studies and research to support their blood thinning capabilities. Now interestingly, most of the studies done on capsicum showed it having anticoagulation effects in type 0+ blood. I have not yet ventured into other blood types to see if studies show that is is effective outside of this type. Turmeric is an effective blood thinner, so much so that it is contraindicated for use in those already using blood thinning drugs or those with bleeding issues.

I am still exploring and investigating this but as of now I am leaning towards the idea right now that turmeric and capsicum combined with low dose (81mg) aspirin (or possibly white willow bark) may be worthy of exploring further. This is likely something I will venture into exploring myself to see what effects it might have on the whirlwind of things I am experiencing and share my progress along the way.

Just more adventures and information of the unfolding.

I hope it is both interesting and helpful.

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