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Coming Soon! Lyme Versed Classes!

As a practitioner versed in Lyme & Co, I have long felt that there is a growing and rather urgent need for more practitioners and people, in general, to learn more about the field of Lyme & Co.

Most allopathic doctors and holistic practitioners know very little about this area, which affects many people. Most patients know very little, and so when seeking help, find that the help is not there.

For quite a while I have held the intention to teach what I know about Lyme & Co, to serve as a foundation for others to become better versed. Practitioners can open up new pathways to help support their clients and Patients can learn information so that they can advocate for themselves when wading through these waters with their health care providers.

I have spent months pondering the creation of these classes and am now sitting down and putting them all together. They are so much more in depth than I thought they would be. I hope to have them completed soon and can open up sign ups for what will likely be January dates.

This will be a two part class. The first part will be a whole lot of information on the field of Lyme & Co, including information on individual co-infections, prevention, testing pathways, as well as pathways for care and therapies that are offered. I will dispel common Lyme myths and share truths as well as how to look at the gifts that these illnesses bring. The second part will be more geared at therapies and take a look at what the fields of herbal medicine, flower essence therapy, and energetic bodywork offer, as well as an in depth look at my work with the blending of these three modalities. I will share information on herbs, essences, as well as case studies. I also plan to have Q & A opportunities on the materials presented.

This will be a live class. Each part will be 2 hours in length. The first part can be taken by itself. In order to take the second part, participants will have to have taken the first part. Having completed both parts, participants should feel fairly well versed in Lyme and be comfortable branching off into further studies and research.

I have not yet decided if I will record the class to make it available later. When working with fields such as this, which are soaked in politics, I feel much better about keeping it to just a live class.

Dates and price to be announced soon.

These classes are for EVERYONE. Don't feel that it is beyond you if you are not a practitioner. It will serve the WHOLE better, the more people are knowledge of an area that affects far more people than. you can possibly imagine.

Stay tuned for sign up announcements!

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