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Clairtangency and the Miraculous Story of the Stuck Spoons

I thought I would start out this month's Patreon with a delightful little story, that is quite miraculous, about two spoons stuck in the pipe...... before I dive into methylation and histamine and some other rabbit tunnels. I'm sure you are thinking, well, that doesn't sound that miraculous at all.....and I'm not sure I want to hear about Jen's plumbing adventures!

This was a plumbing adventure, but it was also the moment that I realized yet another thing that I do, that I think I thought everybody else did, was a thing called "clairtangency", which is the ability to gather information through touch. I am 52 years old and I am still learning that how I move through the world is quite different from people. For example, I thought that everyone who read a book had an intricate movie playing out in their heads....come to find out, not everyone does....and I really found that quite sad, but it also made sense why some folks find reading non-enjoyable and tedious. I would too if all I saw were words on a page.

Now I have long practiced clairtangency in my in person healing work. Through touch I can gather information, which most of the time comes through visually. It's the same thing I do through distance work just a different thread. But this plumbing experience was different. Spoons and pipes are inanimate objects so this wasn't the same as intuiting the flow of energy. This was me "seeing through my fingertips", which is how I explained it to my family....who I'm not certain fully believe my interpretation.... although they also don't disagree with it.

For six months our kitchen sink goes through periods of not draining....... and we discovered that two spoons fell down the sink and periodically things would get backed up to the point of nothing being able to flow through. Because of the wonky way our house was plumbed, (there's no U bend ), we would have to go onto the basement, unscrew the trap and drain the water into a bucket. You couldn't reach the spoons and the angle of the trap made even attempting to remove them impossible. We did this over and over again for six months knowing that the only remedy would be to replace the plumbing...... sonething we had neither the time or money to do.

So the other day I said let me try. My husband chuckled and said "you can't get them out." And something like blah blah blah mumble mumble mumble.... the sink is FUCKED!"

I went into the basement and put my fingers in the trap and when I stretched I could feel the spoons. But I realized I could also see them.......... but not with my eyes as that was imposdobpe as they were well stuck in the pipes...... but I could feel/see their angle snd just how they seemed to be stuck. I ran upstairs and took a long stick and felt around until I could feel them....but oddly I could also see them through that weird touch minds eye sort of seeing. I manipulated the stick in a way that was congruent with the angle of the lodged spoons....... twisted here and there until I felt movement and gave a push. My son yelled from the basement "two spoons!!!!!"

and then did a little happy "I told you I could do it!" dance in the kitchen.

My husband was a mix between impressed bewilderment and probably a bit of wounded pride when I said ...... "I should've just went and touched the pipes and spoons six months ago!"

I wasn't trying to rub it in..... well...... maybe a little because it was really freakin cool! New skill detected. Although I'm sure my husband thinks I just got lucky....... because even after I explained how I knew how to move the stick because I could see the spoons based on touch, he doesn't share that way of moving through the world....and something like that is kids had to grasp.

Maybe I'll start a side business of helping people get stuck things out of pipes..... kinda like how friends used to call me to help them find lost things with my pendulum.

It's pretty cool to be living this weird and fantastical life....... especially in a time where I can share this with folks who get it. 😉

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