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Chill Out Spell

Well the month of Intuition has turned into a blend of Intuition and Spellcasting!

I want to share a spell with you that is incredibly effective, when used properly.

Now to define “used properly” is certainly subjective, but I’ll explain what I mean by that.

I don’t feel that any spell should be used when in a state of heightened emotions, which, by that, I mostly mean anger. I feel that magic should always be created and flow from a neutral, grounded and centered space. When it isn’t, things can go poorly, or the spell just won’t work. If ever I find myself saying “GRRRRRRR they made me so mad, Im going to do the Chill Out Spell!) I catch myself, and I give some pause and wait until a time when I can approach the spell from a neutral place. You see, I firmly believe that magic done in anger has a way of coming back to us, and that can bite us in the ass.

With that little bit of caution explained, here is how I do this spell.

First, the Chill Out Spell is something that was taught to me by a fellow witchy wise woman. It can also be found in many books of magic. This spell is a spell of protection and boundaries. It is used when you want someone to chill out, leave you alone, stop causing issues, or simply to go away. It sort of puts the connective tendrils on freeze. If the subject of the spell is someone with whom you have energetic cords with, I find that it freezes them too.

Like any type of intention setting, which is what spell casting really is, I check my own energy first. I get a feel for how I am in this moment, and make sure I am feeling neutral.

I then get my materials together. Realizing you are missing an element in the middle of a spell can disrupt things.

For this spell, you will need a plastic ziplock baggie, a bottle of water, a piece of paper and a pen or pencil. I also like to have a candle nearby, usually black or white, along with a piece of black tourmaline. I also bring in sage and palo santo. (You dont have to have either, and can use any smudge material or nothing at all.)

I always cast a circle before doing any spell. I do this before sessions with clients as well. (I have a video on circle casting in The Auditoria or you can refer to most books of magic for guidance….ultimately my videos or any books are simply guides, and you will figure out a process that works well for you.)

After casting a circle, I invoke the energies and guides I want to call on for support. I do not do this lightly - we should always be cautious who we call upon for support, make sure our intentions are clear, and honor any commitments that are made.

Next, I light my candle. My black tourmaline is with me. I sit with my paper and write the name of the subject of the spell. I smudge around the paper 3x clockwise. I say some words - whatever is at the top of my head, but usually goes something like “I call upon earth, air, fire, water, and ether for support. I call upon the support of great spirit, plant spirits, angels, guides, and fae folk. This spell insures that (subject’s name on paper) will remove themselves from my life. They will not cause my harm, strife, or any draining of my energy. They will cease to focus on me (and sometimes I will include my family here). This spell will remain in effect until I decide to release it.”

I then place the paper with the name on it inside of a ziplock bag. I fill the bag with water. I seal the bag and get all of the air out. I then smudge around the back three times clockwise to seal the spell.

Next the bag goes into my freezer. It freezes, and as it does, the spell solidifies.

It is interesting to note that the person who’s name you have in the bag will likely feel something is different. Every time I have cast this, within 24 hours some sort of something happens to bring that person into contact with me in some way. Most of the time, the people show up, sometimes quite randomly and unexpected, with some sort of a peacemaking gesture. And then they fade out.

So keep in mind that when you work with this spell, that may happen. I can’t say for certain that it will, but it has every time I can remember, for me.

All magic is to be used wisely. I believe it should never be used for harm, but always in the spirit of the greatest good - which includes safety and protection and boundaries.

Magic is magical and it is VERY VERY real.

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