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Ch ch ch changes......

Change is a fascinating thing. With every moment that passes, we change, whether we are consciously aware of it or not. And then there are the changes that we pour over, trying to figure out the best plan to create the easiest pathway through, and we will often think we have, only to discover there was a whole bunch of possible tendrils that also changed....and we freak out. And then (hopefully) we can bring ourselves back to center and trust in our choice and in the grand scheme it is a part of. This can be hard. Most of us can't predict the future, and even when we can touch on it, we usually have too much of our humanness in it to be able to foretell every possibility.

That is my brief little intro into a post to share with you the changes that are taking place with regards to my work, which really stem from the changes taking place in my life, which stem from the changes taking place in my perspective, which stem from the changes taking place in my own empowerment, which stem from.....well, you get the need to keep going.

And most of you probably got this information in my monthly newsletters, however if you are like me, you might not always read every newsletter, and they might get buried in your email box underneath the other 10,782 (my running total) unread emails....or disappeared into Spam, which if you are like me, will almost certainly never be found because who ventures into their Spam folder?

(IF you are a current client, you received a detailed email.)

The First Part

I have implemented a system for booking services with me. You can find that service here. I have also decided to discontinue offering Partnerships. Truly the major change here is clients no longer have to have a contractual commitment to work with me for a set period of time in order to obtain my services. This opens up my services to more people and also allows current clients to have greater control over their own scheduling to better be able to fit it into their lives. I have also added a few services, including a New Client Chat, which is an interview for potential clients unfamiliar with my work. Please take a look at my services and use the booking scheduler to book with me, if you feel drawn to do so.

The Second Part

There are some very exciting things in development in the realm of teaching and learning that will come to fruition soon. Kelly and I are enthusiastically creating some mini-intensives that will be offered in group formats at 2 Uncommon Witches. We know that our Mentorship Program is a big bite for people with a big ask of commitment. And sometimes people want to do the work in different ways. We are hoping to launch these soon with a start date of early May.

The Third Part (I promise I'm almost done!)

As my practice and my experience of being a human evolve, I am drawn both towards learning and towards teaching. To me, teaching has always been a way to create big ripples, to share the skills and wisdom I have to share, and to pass that wisdom down to others. I am primarily doing this alongside my wise woman partner through 2 Uncommon Witches. AND I am also planning to open up new experiences this late spring/early summer in the form of in person classes and a formal apprenticeship experience. I love old style apprenticeships where people dive right in and learn by doing. I have been given the go ahead and support from David at Delta Gardens to teach Flower Essences for Lyme & Co to those who study under me, which is a huge honor and very exciting for me. I also plan to teach/train people in Eclectic Alchemy, which is a unique interweaving of energy healing, flower essence therapy, and herbal medicine. I want to train people in what I do so that they can carry it forward and out into their own lives and into the world. This has slowly been coming together over the past few years and I am getting the strong sense that the time is approaching to do this. If you find you have interest in this, please reach out to me so that I can keep you in the vortex as it continues to develop.

If the idea of being a student of mine excites you, just shoot me an email at and say "hey, I am interested!"

The Fourth and Final Part

I mentioned in part three (if you got that far) that I am always drawn towards learning. I recently enrolled in an Advanced Physiology Course for Herbalists which includes 7 different pathways of study, under Tammi Sweet. I have been drawn to Tammi's work for years and love her teaching style. Something said "you need to study under her, and the time do to that is now." I am sure glad I jumped at that and didn't do too much back and forth deciding, because it is absolutely amazing! One of the big draws was her Endocannabinoid System Course. My husband works in cannabis and I am very familiar with this field, but only from walking alongside him. He is a soil expert and a connoisseur grower, doing amazing things with regenerative cannabis and living soil. What I find missing from the cannabis field (in general) are skilled herbalists that work with cannabis. I know of 2 people, both women, who are amazing, and were herbalists FIRST and then expanded into the field of cannabis herbalism. I decided to step in myself. I think it's very important not just to know that things work, but to know HOW they work and WHY they work....which also opens the door to understanding WHY they dont work sometimes along with their limitations. This is an area that calls to me, much like Lyme & Co did. There is a need here for a broader and also more refined perspective in a big space that is pretty much missing from the industry (or at least very rare), and well....when I see a space like that, and its something I feel strongly about, I tend to step into it.

So I am learning tons of fascinating information. Information that I will be excited to bring into my practice to support my clients, into my website platform to share, and to my future students to make their experiences even more robust.

Those are the four major points I wanted to touch on and share.

Book a Session if you are moved to.

Stay tuned for the cool things coming from 2 Uncommon Witches.

Connect with me about an apprenticeship, if you are drawn to.

OH one last point........I do plan to take my Lyme Versed Course and create a do at your own pace, recorded version of it. It will be something available on my website at some point in the near future. I loved the Live and for those of you that were able to participate in that, I am thrilled you got that experience it in that way.

Have a lovely day as we dance into Spring and Be well.

Warmly and with love,


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