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My favorite way to use calendula is in an infused olive oil which I then turn into a simple salve. Sometimes I add a drop of lavender essential oil, but it does just fine on its own, plus I am a bigger fan of using whole herbs rather than concentrated oils. Typically safe for all ages - even babies! - just be sure there are no allergies to calendula before using.

Common Name: Calendula

Latin Name: Calendula officinalis

Parts Used: Flower

Main Actions: emollient, anti fungal, anti inflammatory, astringent, anti microbial,

emmenagogue, tonic, cholagogue, vulnerary, lymphatic

Energetics: cooling, drying

Specific Indications: Inflammation and healing of the skin. Burns and scalds. Some gall

bladder issues. Indigestion. Fungal infections. Delayed menstruation.

Preparation:: Infusion


Oil infusion

Contraindications: Allergies

Flower Essence (if applicable): For developing the senses to receive higher information;

stimulates clairaudient faculties; helps us receive information from nature more easily and hear the voice of the wind; for sensing dangers (From Delta Gardens)

Other: Calendula is a marigold.

Calendula oil made into a salve is excellent for most skin conditions and

mild enough for babies.

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